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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Weekend style 3

We have missed a few weeks of the  weekend style linky with holidays and illnesses but hopefully we are back in the game! I did get to read a lot of your posts, albeit I didnt comment on many for feeling too naff and not having the energy to! I promise to try harder this week!!!!

On to my little flower...

Day 1

Here she is sporting a Next Rose jumper, H&M short dungarees, M&S tights and of the course the obligatory Braces and Bows topknot.

Ps - Braces and Bows have a 20% discount code this weekend (EASTERBOWS) just incase you fancied anything :)

On to Day 2...

I just LOVE this outfit! She has not worn it anywhere near enough for my liking. It is quite a full dress and its like a corduroy material so quite heavy, with her being a crawler and climber I haven't even thought to put it on her enough! We often wear it for jolly days out and she wears it a lot on a Friday when she is off out with grandparents to be cooed over at the garden centre etc! It is only 6-9 months, I think we have a few more weeks out of it yet :)

Dress is Next, Little Lace Top is from Twinkle Twinkle (a little boutique), Tights H&M and the bow is from Bowtiful on Instagram. We went a bit mad last week and bought around 6 from her, but they are super cute!

How cheeky is that last photo, how could I not put that in the post? Monkey. 

If you wish to take part in the linky find out more here:

The Knott Bump & Us

Lots of Love, 

Hayley & Daisy xxx


  1. Awwww just look at all the bows! The oversized one is just gorgeous. She really suits it! Both her little outfits are great too. Those dungarees are amazing. She looks so so cute in them! Thanks so much for linking up doll. Glad it worked in the end :) Hope you have a fab weekend xx #weekendbabystyle

    1. Can't have no bow can we!! Haha!!! Thanks lovely, you too xx

  2. Ah that last photo is adorable! I'm loving the denim dungs!


    Follow me too? Oh So Gawjess

  3. What a cuuutie! She definitely suits a big bow! #weekendbabystyle