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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Daisy's progress update

We recently had an appointment back at the children's hospital to see the specialist regarding Daisy's hand, I say recently but it actually was well over a month ago! I'm just a bit behind on these updates!!!

We expected to go and see the paediatric surgeon and for her to say we won't be doing anything with Daisy and pass us on to the West Midlands rehabilitation centre. Who basically will support us in Daisy's development in the way of any adaptations she may need, for example grips on a bike etc. This is the impression she gave us on her last visit. 

It went pretty much how we expected except we will still be under her care for  at least another year, because she would like to see Daisy again and see how she is developing. She mentioned surgery but in the respect that there isn't anything she can do at this time, thank goodness! To be honest if she had offered us that option I am 99% sure we would have declined. For now we really don't want to upset the development she has made and how happy she is, why would you want to put your baby through that? What if it did more harm than good? All theoretical questions obviously! 

If you have seen any of my YouTube videos or follow this blog then you'll know there is nothing Daisy hasn't been able to do yet, she is doing beautifully. She crawls without any issues, picks things up, feeds herself, holds her own bottle, gives the best cuddles ever, has a good right hook and is generally showing us no concern at all with her physical development. She is so strong and seems to do new things every single day!

She absolutely loves swimming and climbing and generally being a menace, it certainly will not hold her back!

Just thought I would give a little update as I do get asked every so often :)

If you are new to our blog then please feel free to catch up with our little story here.

Lots of love,

Hayley & Daisy xxx


  1. I've been following you for ages now and I have honestly never noticed anything different with daisy! She is beautiful and its clearly not stopping her from doing what she wants to do :) xx

  2. I've always known it wouldn't hold her back and seeing your instagram etc updates you can certainly see that. But it's lovely to hear it coming from you! She is doing no different than any other baby, what a gorgeous superstar! Xx

  3. She always looks so happy, I can understand why you'd decline surgery if they'd offered it. You can tell nothing will hold Daisy back from doing anything. She's the same as any other almost-one-year-old (eeek!). Happy birthday to Daisy for tomorrow. Big squishes from Jasmine.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx