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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Creating memories & recording those precious milestones

I have blogged for some time now and have always done so to keep a record of all the memories and special times we have created. It started during my pregnancy with Daisy when I was struggling with sickness and loneliness when working away but it has now turned into something a little more with Daisy and her milestones. 

I will always have my blog to look back on and hopefully one day will get the key posts printed out as a keepsake memoir thingy, like a little diary. Or that is my hope anyway, I often think these things and never act upon them. ooops. If anyone has any ideas on how I can do this then I would love to hear it! 

Well I started vlogging not so long ago to support my growing blog but also again to record special times as a family. I recently found some footage of Daisy learning to walk earlier on in the summer that I had done nothing with so I decided to pull it together into a small montage of clips so I have those memories forever, if god forbid anything happened to our computer then at least good old YouTube will have it kept safe for me. 

I will pop the video at the end if you wish to see it :)

So back to the content anyway. I have had baby books from when Daisy was born for me to complete and keep for her, and I must admit as lovely as they are it takes some doing, in terms of remembering to do them! My memory is pretty appalling so getting myself into gear to fill it out is a little tricky, then I will sit and do a marathon filling in session. Finding a way to capture all of your baby’s milestones can be a bit overwhelming especially at the start and for sleep deprived new parents it can be a chore. So hopefully I have created our little library to look back on! 

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  1. How sweet is your video, your daughter is going to love that when she's older, it made me laugh and cry ( I'm sleep deprived lol) but I think it's the way you've videoed it, very nicely done x