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Expecting again… Whose idea was this?

Recently I was asked to write a post for www.Meetothermums.com and I thought I would share it with you too.

Well this time next year I will hopefully have two children, a 2 year old and a six month old baby. Yep, I am pregnant! I just need to remind myself who’s idea was this? It now seems slightly crazy!
With my 1st pregnancy I remember that anxious feeling, what will it be like having someone rely on you for EVERYTHING? How will I cope knowing that It is my responsibility in keeping this mini person alive? Scary thoughts. But it all worked out in the end, the nervousness turned to excitement in the last trimester and I just couldn’t wait to meet my baby.

Now this time around the apprehension has doubled, how will I keep 2 children alive? My god I barely feel like I keep myself going some days! That is probably the morning sickness and tiredness talking but it really does feel that way sometimes, but I know this time that it is all normal to feel like this and actually it is going to be exciting! Yes, stressful at times, and exhausting, but fun at the same time. And I now know how worth it is having a child! Something I have gained since my first pregnancy.

During my first pregnancy I suffered from HG and was considerably poorly, I barely ate or drank anything for the first 4 months or so and had to have medication to control the vomiting. You can imagine the fear I felt considering I was risking it all over again when we decided to have baby number 2! I have been extremely lucky and actually got away with just morning sickness (I am not be littleing “just” morning sickness at all, believe me I have felt naff this last few months so I feel your pain! But it really isn’t the same level of pain as I had the first time around), the nausea has been difficult and exhausting but I have come through the worst of it, I hope. 

There is a very high chance that if you have had HG before then you are likely to suffer again, but I was one of the very lucky, rare ladies who haven't. Now don't get me wrong it is awful, and I have struggled, I am in bed by 8.30pm every single night, I rarely see my husband once I have put Daisy to bed, the list of frustrations could go on. BUT I AM FEELING EXTREMELY LUCKY!!!

The difference with this pregnancy has also been that I have a toddler to look after and love, I will be honest I have so much help available with looking after Daisy but making myself get up and do it myself, enjoying time with her so doing things like swimming lessons still really did help. It didn't feel like it at times, when I'm sat retching at the thought of having to cook her tea and getting in the car to go somewhere when I'm feeling so naff but it really did help in those early days. And having her reminds me that it certainly is worth it! How easy it will be as this pregnancy progresses I am not sure, I forgot how exhausting pregnancy really is, never mind chasing a pesky toddler all over the place!

The only other thing that is really panicking me is that I have to get this baby out! Getting Daisy into this world was not the easiest task I have ever set myself, it involved days and days of labour, epidurals, vomiting, screaming, losing consciousness, assisted deliveries, the dreaded episiotomy and having my lady bits “fixed”, delightful. I just can’t wait to do that again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However much I laugh or joke, I can’t tell you how truly grateful I am for the opportunity!


  1. I know you're well into your pregnancy now but I just wanted to say congratulations!! I had HG with my first like you did and it was extreme :(
    Second time round I was hoping I wouldn't have to go through that again and I didn't. I did get HG but it was much less severe and we managed it with the medicines so that it was mostly just nausea rather than actual vomiting. It still made life difficult though!
    It feels so comforting to know that others go through it too (obviously I knew they did but I have never spoken to anyone who has).

    Good luck with everything, you'll do great! My second labour and delivery went much smoother than my first and was much more enjoyable (can you say that about giving birth?) xx


    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad other people didn't suffer second time around either, I've been very lucky to be honest. I too have had to have the medication but thank goodness it helped, luckily I'm now off it at 21 weeks :)

      Glad to hear of a good labour too, I can only hope I get a better one!!!!! Eeeeek here is hoping!!!!