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Bump #2 Pregnancy diary: Weeks 10-14

It really feels like yesterday that I sat and wrote the last update at 10 weeks, and in fact that was 4 whole weeks ago. Crazy. In some weird ways I feel like I have been sick and getting slightly "curvier" (that is right - not fat!!) for a lifetime, but on the other hand it is flying by. I guess that is life with a toddler and being so distracted by life that you could almost forget you had a little person growing inside you. I say almost because I still have that reminder once a day or so that they are there, every time I look into the bottom of that toilet - delightful!

Pleased to say though that the sickness has subsided slightly, the nausea too. I am probably sick once a day, usually during the night and that I can deal with. In one tiny way I actually quite like the reminder that my hormones are doing their job and looking after my baby like they should be, especially as I am still yet to feel proper full on movement in my tummy. The nausea isn't with me all day every day now, which is a relief. In a morning I feel rotten but once I have had my breakfast - toast, it is the only thing that will cut it, then I feel fine. I know as soon as I start to feel yuck that it is time to eat again, little and often. And now this tends to be just before a proper meal time rather than every hour!!!

I am also thirsty again - hooray! Which means I can have a proper drink without feeling horrible and it doesn't have to be ice cold anymore! Which just was not practical. Although I do still love the clinking of that ice! 

Talking about movement, I have actually started to feel turns or waves or bubbles what every you want to call them. It is not predictable and it is not all that frequent, but probably once a day, usually in the night or at bedtime I can feel that familiar little pushing sensation, so light and gentle but reassuring. I am looking forward to the days when I can feel it from the outside and actively encourage it! 

So we had our 12 week scan and baby was looking good. We have since had an appointment with a consultant who we saw during my last pregnancy, he checked baby's limbs over to ensure all was looking right and checked organs as much as he could. This was obviously an additional scan to most people but is due to Daisy's hand being identified early on in our last pregnancy. If you haven't read that post, catch up on it here. It has been such a relief to see all is looking like it should! The only thing we haven't been able to see properly is the little ones face, sleeping babies, face down aren't all that helpful!! 

I have grown a little bit this past week I think, but still I could get away with not being pregnant. I am sure my tummy looks bigger some days than others, I guess it is positioning of the baby and maybe what I have ate  etc? 

I will pop a photo in here for you! 

So I don't have much else to report on really, I am looking to do a VLOG update on my YouTube channel later this week/ early next week where I may chat a little more :)

Lots of love, 

A not so sick,  Hayley xxx

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  1. Glad the sickness is starting to subside some what for you. And glad to hear bump is growing nicely! xx