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Tried & Tested: Peppa Knick knicks (Asda Little Angels First Pants)

Well we officially hit the milestone where a toddler hates to wear anything, they much prefer to be free and naked and well nappy-less is the ideal! It's not rare to have to chase Daisy around trying to get a nappy back on her at least 3 times a day!

She thinks she is very clever to be able to get it off and thinks why would I want another back on? Well my little lady these are a little trickier to get off completely and actually you don't seem to have the inclination to want to purely because you think you're wearing Knick Knicks! And not just any old Knickers but ones with Peppa, George and even teddy and dinosaur on! What could be better for a Peppa Pig obsessed 2 year old? These are the Little Angels First Pants from Asda. 


Before anyone comments and says she is taking her nappy off as a sign to start potty training then you'd be wrong in this case. I have tried and will continue to do so but Daisy isn't quite ready yet, she hasn't found the on and off button just yet. But these are a great way of her popping them down and sitting on the toilet or potty. 

They are pretty much like a pull up nappy, elasticated sides that can be torn off if it's a nasty nappy after, or pulled up and down for feeling like a "grown up" or potty training. Although I always thought I'd go straight to little girl knickers so Daisy would feel the sensation of having an accident, to hopefully encourage her to potty train naturally. 

However I do think these are a great transition from nappy to underwear, they feel slightly different to wear and are obviously different to put on and off! 

I should talk about absorbency really and I'm happy to say even though they don't look as if they will hold as much as a usual nappy they really do. And I am happy to report there is no sag! 

For me the design of these is a winner, anything with Peppa on will be accepted in this household by the little boss lady! Along with them being soft and easy to use this is the reason I will definitely be using them until we make the transition into big girls pants. 

Hayley xxx

*PR sample but all our own views 

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