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Lidl vs Aldi toddler nappies

I should start by saying that I am not working in collaboration with either Aldi or Lidl ,it's purely my opinion after trying both ranges of nappies over the past few months with Daisy who is now 2 years old and I thought some of you may be interested in what we thought of them.


I'll be honest, we have used the Mamia range from Aldi for a while now and always stock up when the baby event is on. We buy the nappies (and have bulk bought for our newborn too) but also the fruit pouches, wipes etc. I think it is safe to say we highly recommend their range of baby products, for the money they cost they are incredibly good value. 

I usually stock up when we go to Aldi as its not somewhere we go very often as its not in the best location and I'm rarely over that way shopping, however with our little boy making his arrival and being a bit all over the place in the lead up I was a bit shabby with the organisation and it turns out we run out!

I don't usually shop at Lidl but I went with my parents the one day and so thought I'd try their range out as a last minute option. As with Aldi they're well priced compared to a lot of the well known household brands and so it was worth the risk! Sadly they didn't stand up to the test. Firstly the fit was really odd, I know this can vary by child but they just didn't seem to sit right around her bottom and one cheek was always escaping! This lead to a few leaks which always drives me mad! 

But the worst bit was that Daisy seemed really uncomfortable and kept complaining about "my bum"! I kept putting it down to her hating wearing a nappy or well any clothes if we are honest!!! But when I was bathing her I noticed she had little scratches all around her little waist and when I felt the nappies waistband I realised it was really scratchy on the seam area. It wasn't consistently every nappy when I checked but they seemed to be put together a bit shabbily. So I won't be repurchasing. 

Have you tried either? 

Hayley xxx

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