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Something to call my own

I often get asked why I blog and even more so since I started my YouTube channel why I make and share videos. 


There are more than a few answers including recording and documenting our lives in a diary type format to look back on in years to come, when I may in fact have forgotten some of the times we've had or how I felt at certain times. It's a way of capturing my memories.

But there's more to it than just publishing my diary, it's about having somewhere of my own, something I can call mine. My thing, my hobby and my interest. 

Lives are busy and especially when we are back to work time really is tight. I rarely go far or do much, firstly for the time restrictions around all of our commitments but I also choose to spend my time home with the family as much as I can rather than heading for the gym, cinema or the local pub (as examples!). Don't get me wrong I like to do all those things but they're not regular trips for me! 


So blogging and video creation is something I can escape to, something I can pick up as and when I fancy and it can slot in around my home life. It's an accessible hobby for a busy mum like me. 

Over time it has become slightly more than that as I've worked hard to collaborate with brands, PR companies and work on commissions which come with deadlines but this makes me proud of what my little space on the Internet has become and what it could grow into one day. But essentially this is my hobby, my escape route and where I can run away to, be creative and have fun! 

I never used to enjoy writing but this is something I've learnt to love, I'm not claiming to be any good and I'll never be like the "Unmumsy Mum" but for now I'm having fun.  I also have developed a love for photography and videography, I'm lucky my husband knows a bit about these things and I can learn from him as I go whilst having a bit of fun with the editing and capturing! 

Hayley xxxx

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