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Visiting Venice as a young family

Venice is pretty spectacular. That's not the kind of word I tend to use very often but it just seems to fit in this instance. 

Venice with kids is perhaps not the same kind of romantic trip as it might be as a couple, but it can still be enjoyed with little ones and it's still just as amazing.  

If we are honest it is fairly unlikely Daisy will ever remember her trip to Venice, she was just under 2 years old after all. But she had a great time while we were there and we captured some memories for her to look back on. 

We found ourselves just walking about taking it all in but did end up on the main square a few times. We aren't made of money and so the idea of a coffee in Piazza San Marco wasn't too appealing, as much as I would have loved to have sat and watched everyone scurrying past while having an Aperol. It just wouldn't have been worth it with a toddler to have to chase about. But we did spend quite a lot of time say in the square and wandering about. Daisy had a little boogy to the orchestra outside one of the cafes, chased the pigeons around the square and sat on the step to enjoy a gelato in the square. She may not remember those moments but as parents we will. 

We didn't visit the museums and do much of the "adult" type visits because Daisy just wouldn't have been interested. But if I'm honest I was happy to just roam about and explore the city. We hopped on water taxis from one side to the other and just enjoyed the time rambling about stopping for a coffee, gelato or pizza en route! 

We had Daisy in her carrier most of the time as I really would not recommend a pushchair in Venice. The grounds uneven, it's busy and there are lots of obstacles to tackle and I can't imagine it would be pleasant trying to do that with a buggy! I did a review here all about how we used it on our travels. 

Venice is a bit of a maze, albeit a very pretty one that makes you feel like you're in a story rather than real life. It’s fairly small, and even if you do get lost, you will soon find signs on the walls pointing to the Rialto Bridge, Piazza San Marco, or Ferrovia (train station) which helps you to guide yourself.  
We did just two days in Venice before heading to the lakes and we stayed outside of the main city in a hotel, mainly because hotels within the canals are crazy money and secondly we wanted to be by the train station for our transport links.

One day I would love to return for the weekend and just take it much slower, eat more food, drink more coffee and Aperol (I was pregnant with Alex when we were there last!)  and ideally stay in the city to see how different it is when you experience it that way.

Hayley X


  1. I would love to take my kids to Venice, and I agree with you that there are moments you will remember. We took my daughter to Lisbon at a similar age and I have such lovely memories of her running about the squares! #citytripping.

  2. You're putting ideas into my head as we're looking for somewhere for October. I then chuckled as I had visions of my 5 year old wildly running about and tripping into one of the many canals. This looks like an amazing place to go though with kids. So much colour and beautif buildings! #citytripping

  3. Venice is hard to navigate with anything rolly. :( Sounds like y'all had a fun trip with Daisy. I think you did most of the important things – explore and eat gelato. Aperol on the square would have been icing on the cake, but definitely isn't necessary for a great trip! :)

  4. I think it's great to wander around a city and get a feel for it without getting too hung up on visiting every sight possible. Lovely pics of you all (and Venice). A trip you can look back on fondly and Daisy will love hearing about it. Thanks for sharing on #citytripping

  5. We took our kids to Venice a few years ago and totally agree that just wandering - and boating - around is a great way to see the city with kids. We didn't do the major museums, and we were ok with that. Venice is so adventurous as it is..and yes you will have the memories, and the photos to show your girl. #citytripping

  6. I would love to go back to Venice with my daughter- I always thought I should wait until she was old enough not to fall into a canal though. It is an amazing city and as you say, it's wonderful to have the memories of travelling with kids, even if they don't remember themselves. #citytripping

  7. We went for our honeymoon and I would love to go back! I would never have thought about doing it with the boys but may well give it ago now. The festival of the masks is on my list one day! Popping by from #citytripping xx