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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Happy 1st of December! (& A Rant About Santa!)

Well the 1st of December has arrived and I actually can't quite believe it, where has this year gone? I remember this time last year being in the throws of nausea and sickness but being excited for Christmas with Daisy. And now this year we have two little elves to enjoy the holidays with.

I love winter when it truly is chilly and the ground is crunchy, especially those mornings when the sky is actually blue but the ground is white over where Jack Frost has been. I am going to be trying to make the most of those times with the babies whilst I am off on maternity leave, even if it just a 15 minute adventure up the lane or a slow (it's always slow with a curious toddler) walk down to the village. I digress...

Anyway, dare I say the C word yet? Christmas. It is now time to get geared up and start to think ahead and do some more shopping. I have collected a few bits and pieces over the last few months and started to think about it but haven't done much off my mental list yet. Christmas isn't all that materialistic for me, I like to stick to traditions and build our own and spend time with our family and friends. I know most people say this but for me it really is important to try and stay away from the endless list of Christmas gifts that one day my children will request (or demand!) and try to just build excitement and fun around it instead. I am not saying I won't be buying gifts, I love to give pressies and wrap them all pretty and see the faces of the recipients when they open them up but I do think sometimes we can get all caught up in the commercial world a little too much.

I saw a post today by "Mr Claus" on Facebook and it kind of struck a chord with me and so I thought I may share it with you. In my (maybe blinkered) mind Santa wouldn't bring an iPad or a fancy mobile phone and well maybe some parents just can't afford it, so we shouldn't risk some children thinking they must have been "naughty" or that Father Christmas likes them less just because they didn't get fancy pressies because their parents couldn't or simply didn't want to compete. Would that not take the magic away from Christmas?

Maybe the big, fancy pressies should be given by you or friends and family and stick to what Santa is all about. (If that's what it's all about!) I don't know, I am just thinking out loud now!

What traditions do you enjoy as a family? Or what are you trying to make sure you do this year?

Hayley x

I am upset with the pattern I am seeing for so many years now.
What is wrong with you people?
Christmas is not about what you or your child wants and it never was.
Parents are letting their children ask for anything and everything and are not teaching them about the true meaning of Christmas.
Remember this one thing I (Santa) do not bring all the presents, friends and family do. I only bring 1 small gift for each child and that gift has great meaning in his or her life. You and your family give the rest of the gifts. So if you let your child ask for things you will never get them and then blame me you will be killing the magic of Christmas for them and future generations.
I used to get letters from children that started out like this....Dear Santa how are you and Mrs. Claus? They were always respectful.
But now it's This is what I want, then they list 10, 20, 30 things and most of them are very expensive. Now don't get all mad at me, most of you parents get it and do the right thing, I'm talking to the ones that have no clue what they are doing or worst yet are killing Christmas on purpose.
Love Always Santa Claus

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