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The Niggles & Wriggles Of Nappy Changing: Are Boys Trickier Than Girls? *

One of the first thing I started to think about and ask when i found out I was having a baby boy the 2nd time around was how on earth do I change his nappy? They have extra "bits" compared to what I was used to (I already had a little girl for those of you that don't follow my blog) and it did make me feel a little nervous, no idea why because now I know that a baby's bum is a baby's bum, additional parts or not.

I'm not saying it isn't trickier, there is pointing down to think about unless you want a water feature shooting out of the top of their nappy, and then there are the bits to lift and clean, but as long as you are gentle and make sure they're nice and clean that is all that matters right? I mean girls have creases to tackle which isn't all that easy at times, especially when they get to that age where they just keep rolling and wriggling away! Even though I think they're much of a muchness 40 per cent of parents think baby girls are ‘easier to change’, compared with just 21 per cent who think boys are easier.

According to WaterWipes commissioned research a third of new parents feel ‘totally unprepared’ for and overwhelmed by the thought of doing their new babies nappies. For me this could be down to lack of guidance, you don't often see parenting classes on offer or at least I didn't when I was pregnant. I am lucky to have a niece and nephew that I have been able to practise with but without family I may have been even more clueless. You see on programmes such as "Call the Midwife" all of the expectant mums being taught how to do these things in classes as weird as it may feel it would still be really useful.

The research of 1,000 parents with children under five by WaterWipes, was carried out as part of their #PureLove campaign to champion new mums’ self-belief in those early days of parenthood, where confidence is often at its lowest. And I guess that is when it is all really new to us as new mums and dads and those first few weeks can be really overwhelming as it is.

My top tips would be:

  • ASK! You may think that people would think it is a bit daft that you're having a bambino yet are unsure of how to do something as "simple" as clean and change their bum but honestly they really won't. We have all had those thoughts, I promise! We all have to start somewhere. 

  • Use the time to interact with the little one. sing and chat to them and that will distract them and in turn make the task a little easier.

  • Be prepared for the baby to cry, it is chilly when you get stripped down so it may upset them a little but don't hesitate just get it done ASAP and then have lots of snuggles after. 
Hayley x

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