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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Dear Alex, 9 Months Old...

You have now been out of my tummy as long as you were in, how ridiculously crazy is that? On one hand it feels as if you have only been here for about five minutes yet in the other it feels like you were always here with us. 

9 months old

This last month has seen you really develop, you have really grown and made a real personality for yourself. You are so strong willed it is unreal. I remember when people used to comment and say "he is so chilled", they still do but now we look at them in disbelief, seriously chilled is one thing you are not. You know what you want and you will get it if you can. I am having a slight dejavu here, it is just like writing your sisters letters a while back. Two bossy little peas in a pod. A pod in which you both want to desperately escape from, climb over, chew or just push about. 

But if you can roam about and be safe, fed and clean then you're happy. It is the restrictions you hate, the way we stop you clambering up the tv cabinet, putting your hands on the toilet (gross), eating Daisy's princesses, crawling under Bob the dog or having a rest on his bed (again gross), a dip in his water bowl,  I could go on and on. We are just trying to keep you alive little man. 

The trouble is you can crawl at super speed, climb with ease and cruise around the furniture without any worries so you think everything is within reach and anything is possible. 

You eat us out of house and home. There is not one thing I can think of that you haven't wanted to eat, you're happy to feed yourself or be spoon fed. We do a combination of the both just to mix it up a little and to ensure you're getting a full little tummy, which by the looks of you is working well. Broccoli is one of your favourites and breakfast is still your highlight of the day! 

One big milestone this week, you only and went and got your first little toothy peg! Check you out bruiser! This surprised me a bit as Daisy didn't get hers until much later, she was almost 1 before she had her bottom two. 

I would love to be coming on here and saying how you've cracked sleep, how you're an angel during the night. Sadly you are not. You sleep, in blocks. Not long enough blocks for Mums liking, but she survives. It's not all doom and gloom because you do fairly long blocks but it is now time to stop this and just sleep through you little hobbit. You can do it, I know you can. You just love the cuddles too much, as I do too but I can wait for morning, unlike you. It's not so bad the waking in the night thing but it is the early starts that I struggle with, I mean yesterday I was sat watching a film (Me before you if you must know) at 04.30! Who even does that??

9 months old 

You have settled well into nursery and seem to have won them all over there with your smiles and charm. You are still so cheerful, very rarely are sad and are so adaptable to situations like play groups and nursery. Just like your sister in that you're both so sociable and just love to watch other children. I found it quite emotional those first couple of visits, you seemed to young to go, but it doesn't phase you in the slightest. 

I have no idea what months 10 is going to bring. I want to slow down the milestones a little now, they're coming too thick and fast. I want you to stay a baby for just a while longer please. 

Muma xxx

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