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Time Well Spent*

As part of my years goals I vowed to actually go out and spend time away from the house, whether that be in the day or at night. I find myself during the winter almost hibernating which is fine, normal I think? But I then find my "hibernation" phase slowly leaking into spring and then summer. It was easy to think up my 2017 goals this year. With young children in the house you can go a little stir crazy, they HATE being penned in and get cabin fever within a few hours. Day time walks and trips to the park haven't been as frequent as the summer but we certainly haven't stopped them. Just because I want to hibernate sometimes it doesn't mean they should!

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But then on to the nights...

Ben and I decided to aim to go out one evening a month either just the two of us for tea or with friends, we have been once so far (for the most delicious Tapas outside of Spain!) but are also off to London later this week too for a night to see a show. Seeing as though we are only in month 2 I would say that is fairly good going, so far so good. The nights are now getting lighter so going out after work will feel far more appealing than it does during the winter.

Otherwise my ideal night during the darker months would be babies in bed on time (6.30 is a good time for all of us), a nice tea, candles lit, bath with loads of bubbles and an early night. How things change as you get older and have babies. Why do candles make you so much more relaxed?

As well as promising myself that I would spend time with my husband and my friends I also promised myself to lead a slightly more simply, minimalist way to thinking. No to do lists knocking around, just to do things as and when they are needed. Nothing weighing you down so to speak. I'm talking about things like sorting my invoices, childcare vouchers, car services, dentist appointments, insurance quotes, window quotes, the list goes on. An example would be making sure our home insurance was up to date and sorted and would cover us for all eventualities, especially to coincide with all the travels we hope to do this year and the time we wouldn't be there at home. Chill Insurance are a perfect example of who I could tick this off my list with.

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