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What Do We Need To Think About Before We take our Children on a Ski Holiday?

I have never skied and if truth be told I have never really fancied it, until now. I am not sure what has changed my mind, maybe it has come with age or maybe having a family has changed my mindset a little. After all we don't really have proper snow here in the UK (unless you're in Scotland of course!) and so there is a chance my children will never get to experience it properly.

Children on a Ski Holiday?

Children on a Ski Holiday?

So some of the things I am asking myself when thinking about a Ski holiday are; 
1. How family friendly are the resorts? Are they geared up for young families or more of a young adult audience? I am thinking of activities we could do when not skiing for example and the type of accommodation we would stay in. 
2. Where do you stay? Chalets? Are they all dorms? Can you stay in hotels? Something I am sure there are lots of options on offer with. 
3. What type of food and restaurants do they have on resort? I am not fussy in the slightest and love nothing but to get into the local way of life but with beige loving toddlers there at least has to be a shop that offer some options available. 
4. Childcare? What will it be like? Will we want to use it? I have never used childcare abroad but after seeing Kate's vlogs (click here) and blog posts about the nannies at the resort they stayed at it looked ideal. 
5. Ski Lifts? What even are they? Do children go on them?! 
6. What age can children start skiing?
7. If it turns out I don't like skiing after all, what else can I do?
8. What time of year should we go? Will January be too cold? When do they get snow?

Anything else I need to think about?
Hayley x


  1. We've never done a ski holiday as we tend to opt for beach holidays, but I'd love to go skiing. Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

  2. Looks a lovely holiday Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please