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Why Cyprus is the Perfect Family Holiday Destination

It is no secret that I absolutely love Cyprus, we are due to go this August with family and I think this could be my 5th time possibly. I am not one to go back to the same place because there are just so many lovely places to go and explore in the world.

Why Cyprus is the Perfect Family Holiday Destination

But... For a family holiday it is just the perfect destination.

1 The Weather

We usually go late summer, September time and the weather is great. It is warm but not ridiculosly hot, so not too worrying for the babies. We are going this year in August which I think may be a little too hot but we shall see, and we know how to avoid peak sun times etc and how to protect them so we will be fine.

2 Flight Time

The flight time is between 4-5 hours depending on air speed, but it isn’t too long. Not as far as you could go for the weather. There aren’t really many other places you can fly to from the UK and get sun in that short time and feel like you are miles away (which of course you are).

3 Getting About

Quite often when we go on holiday with children we aren't too bothered about going far and travelling about. But Cyprus is super easy to navigate. For starters they drive on the same side of the road as us here in the UK. Road signs are the same or very similar too and the roads are easy to drive on, most of it is dual carriage way or at least big long A roads. Super duper easy. We have hired cars a few times and just nipped around here, there and everywhere. And it was so cheap too. I am sure we paid less than £130 for two weeks possibly.

4 Local Culture

I love a bit of a culture, experiencing new things, new foods and meeting new people. Cyprus is the most friendly country I have ever visited. They ADORE children, they love families and are so accommodating. We never feel like we are being a nuisance or being a pain or are in the way. It is so friendly. I also can be a little intimidated in some countries (I think it is the really blonde hair I have as a child, it was a big of a magnet to some people!) and very protective of myself and my children, but I never feel like that here.

5 Beauty

Cyprus is beautiful. I don't need to say anything else I don't think!

6 Accommodation

There are so many options for you to stay in when you go to Cyrpus. We have stayed in big complex style hotels that have just about everything you would ever need, apartments for self catering and my absolute favourite choice now a days, a villa. I did a post all about Villas here where I go into detail why that is the perfect option for you. We tend to book our villas through Owners Direct but there are plenty of options out there. I think you could possibly even find somewhere on Airbnb but I have never tried it outside of the UK myself.

Why Cyprus is the Perfect Family Holiday Destination

Why Cyprus is the Perfect Family Holiday Destination

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  1. We have been to Cyprus a few times pre kids and loved it. Hopefully we will go back again one day as we agree with everything you have said! #fearlessfamtrav

  2. We have travelled to Cyprus before but I have never taken the kids. Hopefully we will return with all three and enjoy those beautiful beaches! #FearlessFamTravel

  3. I have never been to Cyprus (I haven't been to many places at all, really!) but it is on my bucket list as my maternal grandfather (never met) is from there so I'd like to visit a part of my roots, I guess. Not to mention that it is quite beautiful in its own right as well. It has taken a long time to get my passport, and I've never been on holiday with my husband in all the years we've been together so this is something I would really like to do with him. You've definitely boosted my urge to go!