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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else if you had to be there...

Dear Daisy,

As you lie there looking beautifully porcelain and restful with those pouty, rose lips mumbling away in your sleep it dawns on me just how much you need me. You're pale from being so poorly and exhausted yet you still look so peaceful. You see, You were three last week and I've been fooled into thinking your growing so independent and grown up. The truth is you'll hopefully always need your Muma.

Children sick

You've been poorly today, sick more times than I could ever count and although it was tiresome and exhausting running to and fro with you, mopping up the dribble, changing your jamas and washing away the bugs, I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else if you had to be there.

I've heard my name quietly called for on repeat today, no one else would do and it made me think, it's exactly what I do. No one else will do, my Muma, your nanny, is the only one for me when I'm unwell too. I think it must be our role. Your nanny was the only one I wanted when I was labouring with my babies, except for your daddy of course. She's the one I call or text when I'm feeling unwell, even though there's not a lot she can do, I mean I'm 31 for goodness sake but still she comes. I hope that you're the same, that you'll still call me up and need me. And do you know, I have a feeling you will.

I'll always be here for you, to rub your back, run those magic bubbly baths and give you snuggles. Even if it means tomorrow there's a good chance I'll be in your position, all poorly and pale too. (Muma has the weakest tummy in the world)!

Just remember I will be there through thick and thin, never giving up on you when you didn't win, when you felt unwell or just because I can.

I love you princess. Feel better by morning x

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