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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

What Does A 3 Year Old Really Want For Their Birthday?*

Daisy was recently 3 and was absolutely spoilt rotten as usual.

But what do toddler girls REALLY want? So Daisy's top 3 pressies that she seems to have got really attached to are:

What Does A 3 Year Old Really Want For Their Birthday?

#1 Has to be her Baby Belle Dolly. She has seen the old classic Beauty & The Beast but is far too young to see the latest release. However that hasn't stopped her swooning over the all of the Belle merchandise that is everywhere at the moment. This doll is a baby version of Belle, which she thinks is brilliant! She also has a baby Elsa so Belle has a new best friend! Belle is soft in the body so I actually don't mind taking this one to bed with her for cuddles.

#2 So it is no surprise that another of Daisy's favourites is yet another princess. This time Aerial. Not only is she princess obsessed but also mermaids. I would even go as far as saying that she actually is crazier about mermaids at the moment.

And last but my no means least is #3 Duplo blocks. She spends hours building castles and houses, and popping all her "little ones" in there safely (in her own words!). Her baby brother also loves destroying her creations!

*This post contains PR sample but all opinions are my own!

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