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Giving Hello Fresh A Go | Getting Out Of A Rut!

I have seen Hello Fresh popping up here, there and everywhere on social media for a while now and have ignored it all a little. The reason being I remember having a look some time ago and thinking it was pretty expensive for what it potentially could be. I am sure I also looked up our postcode and found that they didn't deliver to us so have been a bit blind to all of the hype.

Giving Hello Fresh A Go | Getting Out Of A Rut!

I recently watched one of Charlotte's videos though and found that she was offering a 50% discount code for your first 2 boxes so thought I would have a look if they could deliver to us yet, and they could! I was so tempted that I decided what did we have to lose.

I should point out that I am not working alongside Hello Fresh and that I paid for it all with my own money. So I made an order for a 4 meal box for 2 people, it came a few days later. It was like Christmas waiting for it to be delivered and when it arrived we all excitedly opened it up and had a good look through it.

Hello Fresh Discount Code

 The concept is great, who knew how intuitive having every meals ingredients prepared for you in its own little bag is. There is no faffing about in an evening on trying to piece something together for a meal once the kids are in bed, we literally grab a bag and menu card and get going. I say we loosely, I can't remember when I last cooked tea!!!!

So my verdict was that I actually love the concept. Having a fuss free meal that can be made in between 30-40 meals laid out for you make with no trouble and no extra ingredients needed is literally a game changer for us. I mean we have always been fairly good at meal planning but still find ourselves stuck in a rut cooking the same things over and over, so new recipes are refreshing.

I do think if it was full price (over £40) that it is expensive though, I look at the recipes and think I could buy the ingredients for less possibly, although all of the ingredients come really fresh and of good quality. I have just received my second box and if I am going to be completely honest then I am not blown away by this weeks recipes. you could go in and swap your menu about but I like the idea of being surprised each week, makes it much more exciting!

Hello Fresh Discount Code

I am not sure I will continue my subscription now it will be full price or not, I just cannot decide if it is worth it or not. It is certainly worth it for our lifestyle and ease in the evening but I am just not sure if it is a luxury we don't actually need.

Have you tried it before?


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