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Nothing Out Of The Ordinary: Camping Memories & Social Media Ban

It is no secret that we love a camping session, and usually in the same spot, Barmouth way (Mid Wales).

Photography is a hobby we both enjoy and I love using this little space of mine to share my photographs, for my own memories if nothing else.

Barmouth Beach

Camping gives us an excuse to get out as a family away from the day to day jobs and chores at a weekend, otherwise we find ourselves whizzing about here, there and everywhere and not really spending much time together.

When you are away from home, without your usual electronics, which let's face it are life's biggest distractions for most of us you just seem to be able to sit back and enjoy the moments for what they are. Of course I film our weekends away and take lots of photographs, but for me that is what I enjoy, that is my hobby and something I love doing. But when I am away I may look at my mobile phone perhaps once or twice in a day, where as at home I really struggle to tear myself away from it. Which on reflection is a little sad.

A little more about that... I have decided to discipline myself to step away from social media throughout the day. I always look in the morning, and with my blog I find I need to just to make sure all is up and running and nothing dramatic has happened over night! But apart from that, I will be attempting to not dip in and out of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram throughout the day. I was becoming glued to it and I think when you start t notice it yourself then it is time to step back from it a little.

I am going to allow myself a bit of time on my lunch break for a quick scroll through but other than that it will be when the kiddies are in bed and I have some time to myself to catch up on some videos or my instafeed.

I was finding myself getting enthralled in the feeds, dizzy with it all almost. A constant though whizzing about my head and I would see my phone in the corner of my eye and before I knew it I had wasted 30 minutes just reading other peoples updates. Time to step away.

Social Media Ban

We tend to sit and eat together, okay so it is nothing fancy, simply a picnic on the beach and fish and chips for tea but at home we often do two sittings. The children eat early because they go to bed early and can't seem to be able to go much later than 530 ish for their tea and more often than not Ben is not back from work until well past 6pm. It is all the little things that make these weekends away count.

When we are at the beach or on the campsite there is so much space for them to explore. We are lucky at home to live in the countryside and to have nice space in the garden but there is nothing like being away, somewhere new to stimulate their little senses. And usually on the beach, without the exception of telling Alex to stop eating things, they can just be free and wild, run crazy, explore and investigate things.

Camping with a baby

What do you like to do to escape the mundane day to day life we can create for ourselves?

Hayley x


  1. Lately I have found myself checking my phone more and more, so I moved it to a different place and now as it is not somewhere I walk past every 5 minutes I do not check it half as much. I do think it is important to have family life without a phone in hand all the time too.

  2. This is just 'me' I'm so guilty of checking my phone too much and so have vowed more from having lovely detox summer breaks to do it more often at home. The beach looked lovely there 😊

  3. It's always good to try and avoid social media online, and holidays like this are perfect for it! I went somewhere with very little signal so was forced to have a bit of a detox, and you really do appreciate everything so much more!

  4. Your camping trips sound perfect. Like a little Welsh oasis of electronic free bliss ❤

  5. i used to always camp but for the last ten years hubs has not been keen so this summer i introduced him and my boys to it and i am thrilled they loved it just as much as me and we are sitting tomorrow to book in some camping weekends for next year before life gets in the way.

    We dont take technology with us in any form its so freeing!

  6. Love all these photos. And I definitely think Social Media should be banned on holiday! It's the best time to be absolutely present.

  7. I'm not overly bothered about banning social media as I don't go away hahaha.
    I think it's good to have social media free times but wouldn't ban it.

    Your pictures are lovely ♡
    Glad you had some social media free time which clearly worked fabulously x

  8. Aw such lovely photos. We too enjoy camping its nice to go over the weekend when the weather is a bit nicer. Its a great family bonding time. It is relly lovely to get away for a weekend and it also forces you to spend time together. We are off to Wales this weekend which should be lovely. xxx

  9. Your photos are so beautiful. Camping and beach days are such a good way to switch off. I need to shut down social media more and enjoy the moments. I'm like you. I tend to be on my phone and social a lot when I'm at home (I guess it is my job though) and when we're away I'm a lot more present.

  10. I couldn't go without my social media for a whole day-I'm addicted. That said I DO do this full time.

    Your photography is brilliant, by the way