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Travel: Camping Pods with a toddler & baby in Ta-ly-Bont Wales

As a family we love camping and trying out new places, although we do tend to frequently visit the Barmouth area of Wales as it isn't too far away and there are some beautiful, vast beaches there to run on and where the dog can burn off some steam too.

We usually camp in a tent but with Alex being just two weeks old at the time I was a little anxious about having him in a tent. I had a scout around online and managed to find these pods for just £35 a night and on one of our favourite stretches of coastline, Tal-y-bont. On Tyddyn Goronwy Camping Park.

They are set on a field just back from the busier parks, around 10 pods and a few pitches the other end of the field for tents etc. The facilities are limited, just a simple shower and toilet block which I should say were immaculate and clean. It probably helped that you have to have a pin code to get into them, they were just what you need with a young family. There was no shop but we weren't far from the huge Sunny Sands resort which is on the beach front so we just used the fish & chips shop and mini market there if we needed anything.

Set between sea and mountain views and not far from Snowdonia, the roomy, clean and affordable pods at Tyddyn Goronwy are big enough for a family, insulated and secure (you are given keys), with electricity.

Inside the pods there was just a heater, lighting, carpet and electrical sockets. Oh and a TV up on the wall with a DVD player, which we didn't use. So you still need to take your sleeping things, airbed etc with you. I know you can find pods with all of those things in but for the price of these we had more than we needed, they were really good value. No hassle of putting up a tent, nice and warm, quiet and also super sturdy! 

The beach is around a 10 minute walk down the lane past the other caravan sites, although we drove down with all our beach things and children! We could have managed the walk easily though if we really wanted to.

The beach down there is really clean, open and goes as far as your eyes can see. It really is big so even in the peaks of summer you never feel that you are on top of other families.

It is just a short drive down to Barmouth if you fancied finding a few more amenities or if it was a rainy day and you fancied something else to do!

You can find the pods here.

Find video of our stay here too:

Hayley xxx


  1. That beach is so gorgeous - I have a lot of memories of summer holidays there. #justanotherlinky


  2. I've heard lots of good things about Camping Pods and I would definitely use them if I went camping when the kids were young. I think I would get one with beds already in though, just to save on stuff we have to put in the car.

    Thank you for linking up with #JustAnotherLinky

    Laura x x x

  3. I have never heard of camping pods - they sound so cool! We camped with our daughter right away, but wow, not as soon as 2 weeks - you go, mama!

  4. Gorgeous photos! I would love to do that, camping pods sound ace.
    I live in North Wales!
    Thank you for linking up to #justanotherlinky

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