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A Mother - Daughter Day

It doesn't happen very often but I thought I would have a day to myself, well a day with my mum at least. Minus the children. And when I say a day I mean just a few hours as for some reason I just can't drag myself away from those cheeky cherubs even though some days I feel like running away from them!

My mum works in a school and so has the summer holidays off and so we thought why not make the most of it, we don't often get the chance to spend time together like this. Our visits now a days are spent chasing around children, stopping them raiding the biscuit tin and ransacking the house!

I had recently been sent a challenge and so thought I would tackle that while on our day out too. I was asked by Fenetic wellbeing to check out places in my local town to see how accessible they were for wheelchair users.I don't use a wheelchair but I am very rarely without a pushchair and so am more than aware that there are plenty of places that just don't accommodate them.

First we hit the town and headed to various different stores before hitting Superdrug. I was after a bit of a refresh of my makeup bag after having a throw out session a few days before. It was really interesting looking at our girly day with a new pair of eyes, those of a wheelchair user or as pushchair user at least. The store was all on one level and had automatic doors so relatively easy to navigate, although the cages on the shop floor that were being used to restock the shelves did cause a bit of a challenge.

We then went out for lunch and decided to go to the Nandos right by the cinema. Again it was all on one level and the spaces between the tables were plenty wide enough for a wheelchair user to get through. However I did find the lack of an automatic door to be an issue and also the height of the counter where you order your food. This really surprised me for such a large chain of restaurants and wasn't something I had thought of before.

To finish our day off we headed to Cineworld and went to watch a film, Me before you. What a tear jerker! I had already read the book so was well aware of how emotional it was! I don't go to the cinema very often as I am not all that into films and find that it can be so expensive too. To get into the cinema they have large doors which sadly once again were not automatic, if I had been with the pushchair I would have had to wrestle it to get in. They were really heavy too so I have no idea how a wheelchair user would have got in! Other than that though I would see no issues as it was all on one level, good counter height and the toilet facilities were good.

It was such a lovely day out and something we should definitely do more often,

Hayley xxx

*Collaboration but all opinions are my own


  1. what an interesting post - really makes you think. Great feedback you can give though. Glad you had a lovely mother daughter day - just the best x #DreamTeam

  2. Sounds like a fabulous day with your mum - I have very few of them myself without the kids and would love to make the time! So interesting about the wheelchair/buggy access too, in Brighton where I live this is a big problem as so many cafes are tiny and narrow. Great that you can give feedback on it.. Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam x