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Is Christmas Really Coming? Why Do We Talk About It So Early?*

I know, I shouldn't mention the C word. But I just have.

Christmas bucket list

It is very unlike me to dare say it before mid-November and it is only October at the moment. However life is busy. Life with 2 children, my job, my blog, the house renovations, the house work, a tiny social life (yes, the kids have a better one than I do!) all add up to busy weeks. Weeks that absolutely fly by in a blink of an eye.

I also fear that with the work on the house to start imminently that it will mean the back end of the year is going to feel even more hectic and chaotic than it usually would. Hence me talking about Christmas. I just want to feel content with the idea that I may be ready for it this year, that I may enjoy December and soak up the festivities rather than battling them.

I don't mean that I will be getting the decs down and putting up the tree any time soon, that will always be the weekend before Christmas in our house. But it does mean I am starting to think about writing gift lists, buying pressies early when I see them on sale or when I think someone may like it and storing them away in what I have called "The Christmas box"!

I have never taken this tactic before and I have no idea if I will fail miserably come December but the thought is there, for now at least.

So some things I want to start thinking about and planning:

  • Christmas Wish List - And I don't mean this in a material way. I mean things I want us to do over winter and Christmas, so frosty walks, Christmas crafts, seeing Father Christmas, Christmas tree farm etc... 

  • Have a think about what we will need this year in terms of decorations, lights etc. Also the Christmas bedding (I like to go all out!), do I need any more or shall I change it up? See my post here from last year about which I went for! 

  • Photo Books. I like to have the years photographs, our favourites, made into photo books. Sometimes I give them as gifts but sometimes just for us. Otherwise I find we take all these photos throughout the year and then they're never to be looked at again. 

  • Gift lists - Ideas of what we will be looking to buy this year for various people. We don't go all out and go wild, because that isn't what Christmas is about for us but I do like to get gifts that mean something or that someone would really love. 
Anything else I should add?

Hayley x

*PR Collaboration


  1. I love preparing for Christmas, I’ve been thinking about it for over a month now. We always think about Christmas trips and we’re thinkng about what food to buy to. Also, Christmas bedding wise, you can never have enough

    Tasha x

  2. I love getting organised for Christmas, I like to have everything done and just the very final things to do in December, I want to enjoy rather than get stressed in packed shops

  3. How fun that you decorate with Christmas bedding! We aren't huge decorators, but it does feel good to be able to check holiday to do items off the list!

  4. It seems to be talked about and advertised earlier year by year. I know people search my blog for Christmas recipes from august on. I love Christmas but normally wait till November to get excited! X