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Festive PJs, Bedding & Country Walks: Building New Christmas Traditions*

Two years ago I wrote a post all around Christmas traditions and how that we now had our own little family that we had to start making our own traditions. Well we now have an additional little guy in the family and Daisy is now starting to understand more and more about what is going on.

At 2 and a half Daisy is grasping the idea of Christmas slowly, well she understands something exciting is happening and that Ho Ho (Father Christmas to you and I) is coming to bring presents anyway. That means I can go all out a little more this year and get a little more festive.

We have introduced Elf on the Shelf this year, ours is called Elsie the Elf! She arrives every morning after visiting Father Christmas during the night but she is never in the same place each morning. She gets up to all kinds of tricks! So far she has rolled down the stairs in a toilet roll, hung upside down from our light and drawn all over kitchen floor with chalk. Daisy finds her good fun and loves searching for her in the morning. But I think next year will be even more fun when she gets the idea a little more about how the elf keeps an eye on her for Santa and then goes back to him to update him about being naughty or nice.

I have got some gorgeous bedding for Daisy to put on the night before and will get some lovely matching jamas for both of the children (maybe myself if I am feeling particularly festive, I am not sure Ben will be so keen!!!)  when I manage to get myself to somewhere like Matalan. Just to make it all feel even more exciting and different. Both the PJs and bedding will be a surprise for Daisy! She loves a good surprise!

The bedding below can be found here and is so super soft and just what we were after.
Christmas Traditions

Of course we will pop out snacks and drinks for Father Christmas and Rudolph on Christmas Eve and read our Christmas Eve story in our PJS like we have the last two years.

Over the last few years our wider family has grown and so some things have naturally changed, for example what we get up to on Boxing Day. For the last how ever many years (at least 10/11 for me personally but more for my husband and his family) we have always gone to a relatives house and all had big, yummy lunch after a few drinks at the pub. So we decided we need to start building some new traditions. We have come up with a nice walk up our local hill followed by a drink in the pub and then a late lunch back at our house. I might even find a few games for us to play!!! (My relatives will love it, honest)

Do you have traditions?

A video will be going up on my YouTube channel over the next week or so about traditions too.

Hayley x

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