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Feeling Grateful...

I know, I know. All I seem to chirp on about is the sentimental side of Christmas, I'm not sure if it's my hormones or my age or perhaps just that I am feeling thankful for everything I have this year but I am showing no signs of stopping chirping just yet.

As part of #Blogmas this year I wanted to talk about traditions and the things we do as a family that make Christmas for us but I thought I would wait until our tree etc is up so hopefully I have some nice photos to go alongside it, this blog is written mainly for me to look back on after all and it would be nice to see those memories this time next year.

This past few weeks we have seen most of our family, some that we only see a few times a year and it has been really nice. It reminded me that although you don't see them very often how nice it is when you do and how we should all make more effort to do it more often. These photos were from my parents vows renewal last weekend after being married 25 years, which again I felt lucky to have seen not only this time but their wedding too all those years ago. 


 There has been so many bugs and germs around these past few weeks and all of us in the house have suffered at some point but also so many of other family and friends have also been victims of the winter nasties too. It's nothing unusual for this time of year is it really but it does remind you how special family are and how we need to spend time rather than money on one another, this is going to sound slightly morbid and depressing but it isn't meant to be as I am also talking about friends who I don't see as often as I would like to too. We will always have money (kind of!!) but we don't always have time. We have to make it and when we do get it then we have to make the most of it. 

This year I'm trying more than ever to share more of the moments we create and enjoy so I can look back on them like a journal so bear with the photo heavy posts coming up!! 




Hayley xxx

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