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Making our own Christmas traditions

Each family have their own traditions for Christmas, birthdays, New year etc... whether they know it or not. 

Now we have our own little family I've been thinking about traditions for us and how to make Christmas that bit more special for the three of us.

Some things Daisy won't recognise until she is older and I'm fully aware that she won't know what's happening this year except for some excitement, but it doesn't mean that I won't enjoy them too! 

This year on Christmas Eve we have a family party which will be lovely :) Then we want to be home fairly early ish to get all bathed ready for Father Christmas, then in to our new PJs, watch a Christmas film, hot chocolates and quality street (No chocolates for Daisy this year! She can have fruit puffs! ) while we wrap any last minute pressies etc.

Then I have ordered (it's taking a lifetime to arrive!! I may have to improvise and use her hand puppets this year at this rate!!! ) "The night before Christmas" Book to read. This is something I have always dreamt of us doing since I fell pregnant, sat snuggled on the sofa reading her a book before her milk and bed time ready for Santa to have the all clear to come down the chimney!! (I think these thoughts are a woman thing!! And the little things we think of and imagine doing with our own little children when they get here! I'm sure men must think we are crazy!) 

I know she won't understand what we are reading, but we do often read and she likes to look at the pictures anyway and all the silly voices I do!! But each year she will become more and more engaged, and its a nice little tradition to have while we can!  

Christmas morning will change as she gets older I am sure but no matter where we go or what we do it will be nice to have some time together to see if Santa thinks we have been good or naughty boys and girls!

I love listening to other peoples traditions and seeing them unravel on Facebook and in photos, things like Santas footprints outside, putting out mince pies and carrots for Santa and his reindeers, reindeer dust so they can find us etc! All things my mum and dad did for us, I will make sure its just as magical for Daisy as she grows up (and any future additions !). I'm sure mum and dad got just as excited doing all of those things for us as we were as the children!!

What traditions do you have?

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx

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