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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Daddy daycare

Going back to work wasn't really something I wanted to do but it was more of a need to. Going back filled me with dread during the last few weeks of my maternity but deep down I knew my baby was going to be in the best hands, her daddy's.

To be honest even this panicked me! Only because I wouldn't be there sometimes to ensure all was okay and I would miss her!! But it's completely normal to miss your baby even at the thought of leaving them. Or so I think it is, or at at least that's what I tell myself anyway. You work so hard to grow them in your tummy and then so hard to protect them and nurture them when they arrive and of course most of us don't want to miss a thing with them! They grow so fast (bit if a cliche but true I'm afraid!) and I don't want to miss a thing (que Aerosmith!)

Daisy's dad has been hands on and so knows what Daisy needs and wants most of the time so I felt quite comfortable. However there is always times when I do everything, because I want to! And deep down I was thinking what if she wont eat her dinner or wont drink her milk, or he cant settle her when she has a "moment"? It seems all of that was silly thinking, she is good as gold for him! Thank goodness! It definitely makes it easier for me to work knowing they're fine.

Luckily Ben likes to be doing something, just like Daisy. So plenty of walks and looking around, listening to music and interacting, all of which Daisy needs to fill her day! And keep her amused! That's the trickiest bit about having a 7 month old, they need to be kept busy and amused ALLLLLLL day to stop the whinging!

Thought I would update you all as to how being back at work actually is!

Lots of love,
Hayley & Daisy xxx


  1. Glad to hear little Daisy is being so well behaved whilst you're back at work, what a doll! It must make such a difference to how you feel about it all. How is work going?xx

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