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Is The Hype Around YourGoodSkin Really Worth It? | Skincare Review

It wasn't long before I noticed an influx of ladies sharing their experiences of YourGoodSkin on Instagram, sharing makeup less selfies and posting hopeful messages that they would see a difference in just 28 days later. They were reaching out for more and more people to give it a go, they were giving out skincare products for free and I although usually I would pass on this kind of thing as I just don't have the time to pursue it and review etc, something drew me and made me go for it.

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So it is no secret that I was sponsored to share my 28 day challenge with my Instagram audience, that was a non biased account of how I actually found it. I was entitled to share otherwise if I felt I needed to but in this case I absolutely did really enjoy using the products and yes, I did notice a change in my face. So much so that I thought I would come on to this little space of mine to share it too, and this is is no way commissioned, all off my own back.

I have to start with my hero product, the Hot Cloth Cleanser. First up i have to say this product is £8.99, and I really couldn't believe it when I looked up the price of this. I have paid MUCH more for a cleanser like this and have easily substituted it for this version. It is gentle, smells beautifully spa like and leaves my face feeling fresh and clean. My only negative would be that it does leave behind a little bit of eye make up, but again that could be me being a little too precarious (if there is such a thing) around my eye area. anything to avoid more wrinkles!

To combat the eye make up trouble I either use one of my micellar waters that I still love and will always use or I reach for one of their makeup wipes to just remove those impurities quickly and easily. I am not a massive fan of wipes, I do find them a little rough on my skin and a little drying at times, but these are great to have in my bathroom basket to reach for when I need to just finish off before bed.

The final product I wanted to mention was the Balancing Skin Concentrate, RRP £16.99. It aims to restore & maintain skin's natural balance. Designed to improve the 5 key signs of healthy looking skin; skin texture, skin tone evenness, radiance, moisture levels & oiliness. (extract from YourGoodSkin Website). Moisturisers, serums and products of this consistency usually make me nervous. I have skin that is easily upset and I don't like to risk using a product that could leave me feeling oily, blotchy or give me a break out. But I am absolutely loving this product. It leaves me feeling moisturised but barely noticeable, I can't feel it on my skin, I just feel fresh faced.

Is The Hype Around YourGoodSkin Really Worth It? | Skincare Review

So if you get the chance to try out this product I really recommend you do, I really don't have a bad word to say.

Hayley x

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