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Why Won't My Baby Sleep? | Sleep Regressions & Sleep Training SOS

Now I wish I was here offering you some SOS on sleeping, getting babies and toddlers to sleep. But hell no I am not! I have a 19 year old little rascal, Alex, who has only ever slept through the night twice in his life!

Wonder Weeks sleep

Daisy had ups and downs and reading back on my blog makes me realise that perhaps she wasn't always a sound sleeper and that she too had a few weeks of disruptions, but by all accounts (and those of my poor memory) it was nothing like this. I certainly wasn't up and down most of the night with her.

Alex is waking every single night, at least once. Usually 2-3 times. He doesn't usually take a lot to settle and if I bring him into our bed he does usually dose off pretty quickly and we all get a little bit of sleep, all be it a little disrupted, awkward and uncomfortable. I am in no way against co-sleeping, if he was a pleasure to lie next to then I would have him in there no trouble, but he is a kicker, wriggler and climber! An absolute terror to have squeezed in between you both.

If this was just a stage then I would certainly say he was going through a sleep regression. But how can he have been regressing since the day he was born?! It is just becoming a nightmare. I haven't been well since well before Christmas and I just know the power of decent sleep would do me the power of good. Not that I am complaining of course!

Maybe it is just him, he isn't a sleeper. He needs the comfort, doesn't need the 8-10 hours worth of sleep most kids need and he just doesn't like to settle. I just don't get it. He has busy, action packed days, he doesn't stop and he eats well. Why wouldn't he sleep?

So what can I do to stop this? I know some responses will be controlled crying. We have been there with him and he will settle himself to sleep no problem, but it is a few hours later when he wants to wake up again that the trouble starts. I also fear leaving him to cry in the night in case he wakes up Daisy, which just never goes down well. That is a girl who really does need 11/12 hours sleep a night to function properly the next day!

co-sleeping sos

So help. SOS! I am admitting defeat....

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