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Getting Creative in the Play Room*

As you will all know by now we are currently having some major renovation works done at our house and a big part of that was in Alex's bedroom. We extended out the dormer that was already there to transform an existing box room (that was a pretty odd shape) into a nice sized bedroom with ample room for playing as well as all the furniture a toddler boy needs.

Now that it is almost finished it is time to try and make the space work and fill it with some nice, interesting pieces to make it really feel complete.

bungalow extension work
Very much work in progress!

bungalow roof light

We decided to paint our whole upstairs in the same grey tone, mainly for ease but also for a consistent look. We then have added splashes of colour and design into each room to make them look a little more interesting and exciting.

In Alex's room I really want to go with a bright, geometric theme with splashes of aqua to make it feel young, colourful and perhaps a little scandi. Wall murals are a great way of doing this easily without having to start drawing random lines an shapes on you wall in the hope it may look okay-ish at the end of it! I really am not overly artistic, so the ease of these murals and the fact that they're pretty inexpensive too really does suit me! 

Wallsauce.com have some great designs to choose from such as the below patterns that I have chosen out for potentially Alex's room, which is your favourite? I love all of the designs they have on their of animals and maps but I really just had a vision in my head of what I wanted this specific wall in his bedroom to look like and these would match perfectly.

Wallsauce.com is one of those websites that once you start looking you’ll be browsing for hours without noticing, I somehow lost 40 minutes this afternoon! Procrastination at its best!  Also, this is super cool, you can use your OWN image! So if you’ve taken a nice family picture or maybe a favourite photo from your holidays then why not get it on your wall at home! It is something a little different to your standard photo frame isn't it?!

Hayley x

*PR Collaboration but all opinions are my own

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