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The little things in life... An introduction

Well... Where do I start? Being new to this I am finding it a little intimidating if I am honest!

I have thought about doing this for a while now but just never really got round to doing it for real! As I have said in my brief intro to the blog I spend time away from home with work and a lot of time sat in the car for hours on end with nothing but my thoughts to keep me company and am often sat in a hotel room twiddling my thumbs! I am not sure if I will ever share this or not, as I am certainly no writer and this will more than likely bore anyone who reads it to death.

Okay so a little about me.. I am just what I like to think of as a "normal" girl, I am not overly exciting and I certainly won't be writing about scandal or wild nights out! I am more of a home bird, I enjoy my time at home and value spending time with Ben (my husband) and Bobby (our Labrador) in our home, it probably comes from having to travel up and down the country all week, I need the peace! Although I do think that sometimes you do get to that point in your life where you feel content and settled, that however doesn't mean I don't enjoy spending time with friends and getting glammed up once in a while!

This is a photo of Ben and I on our wedding day in Lindos, Rhodes May 2012. I may well blog about this one day as I do often get asked about it and how it was getting married abroad! It really was the best day of my life.. well one of them! ( I am sure another is due to come along soon!)

Well, as I just hinted to and as most people who read this (if anyone ever does) will know myself and Ben are expecting a little addition to our family. And no, it’s not another dog! I don’t think some people ever expected us to have babies, not sure why? Maybe because we like our freedom, the ability to go away when we like and do what we like, but it really was the next thing waiting for us.

So here is our little girl (yes a pink one!), who is due in May, so not long to go now really! I will more than likely talk about pregnancy at some point too. I never expected it to be as romantic as they show in films, that you get pregnant, grow a pretty little bump and then the baby arrives. But really, it’s been pretty miserable for a few reasons. It’s only the last few weeks (maybe six or so) that I have started to embrace it a little more, probably because I have started to feel a little more like a human recently rather than a zombie!

I feel like an awful mother now, I haven't introduced you to my little boy! So here we go...

I am sure I may be back sometime soon, but that was just a little introduction to get myself started.

I hope to be able to blog about the day to day events that I come across as a mum to be, my family, my travels, my home, products I love etc.! But we shall see...

Thank you for bearing with me,

Lots of Love,

Hayley xx


  1. If I havent said it before Hayles. Congratulations to you and Ben and congrats on your blog babe xxxxx

  2. I hope you continue to have high-quality articles like this

  3. I totally agree with what you have said!!