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The little things in life.. Pre-baby Holiday - Fuerteventura

This week we have been on holiday in Fuerteventura for a week of sunshine and rest, and some time away together making the most of it being just us! Holidays may be a little different going forward!

I have been to Spain a few times but never the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura is beautiful and I think that one day we may go back. It is only a just over 3 hours flight away-  that was a big selling point, for a pregnant lady and also finding somewhere that is warm at this time of year was quite restricting. The weather was good considering it's January, mainly sunny but we did have the odd shower and cloudy few hours. Overall we were lucky! Not bad seeing as we have come home to lots of rain and wind, I think it was 3 degrees when we landed back at Manchester - brrr!

Whilst we were in Fuerteventura we also took the ferry over to Lanzarote, Playa Blanca. It was only a 30 minute trip over the sea and well worth the visit. The marina there is beautiful and there was a lovely little market there that I really enjoyed wandering around, we may well go back here one day too! This is Ben having Paella at the Marina, one of my highlights from our holiday is all the meals out together.

I spent some time before we went away trying to pack my bag stropping around like a teenager, because I looked ridiculous in most things - or that’s how I felt at least. The 'what to wear on the beach whilst pregnant' topic is often seen in magazines and in pregnancy books etc. - some people prefer to cover up and others like to wear their bump loud and proud. I was in a mixed camp! But not for any other reason than confidence. Although I love my bump and I AM proud of it (it’s been hard work so far growing this tummy!) I do feel more naked than ever when stood in my pants or a bikini. I did wear a bikini maybe twice on holiday and actually it wasn’t too bad once I was used to it! But lucky or not (for the other holiday makers and locals at least),  it wasn't quite warm enough to parade around in my skimpies!

I can't not share a bump photo can I? So here we go this is as proud as you are getting this time!

Most of the week was spent on the beach relaxing or looking around the town of Corralejo. Its a lively little fishing town, or what I would expect to be a little more lively in the peaks of summer anyway. We did quite a lot of walking as the beach we grew to like was about a mile along the coast, but it was a nice walk down to it along the seafront. There were lots of beaches but the one we used most days was more sheltered from the wind (it’s a very windy island - which is why it’s so popular for water sports) and was right near the harbour, so lots to see when we were down there. To the one side of where we are staying were miles and miles of sand dunes, that were untouched. The beaches along the seafront there were used by the kite surfers and to stop and watch them was brilliant, some of the waves are huge! We did walk down here one day and I thought my hips had stopped working but it was at the end of the day and I was a little tired! It was too pretty and quiet not to go back again, so we got a lazy taxi the next time!!!! Although walking across the dunes to the front with the wind as powerful as it was, was like being sand blasted! I thought my legs were going to bleed! Good exfoliation though perhaps?!

We went on an all- inclusive holiday but once we were there we really didn't make the most of it as there was too many nice little cafes and restaurants to try. I think its reminded us that we prefer not to be tied down with all- inclusive but we like to explore. Part of the reason we booked it though was that we thought it would be relaxing, no effort needed and that its often cheaper in the long run but we ended up being out all day and eating out anyway - false economy!

One thing I found quite frustrating about the food on holiday was the shellfish, cured meats and nice cheese on offer in both the restaurants and at the hotel, I was worried with being pregnant about the "guidelines" of what you should eat and shouldn’t, but even more so because I was away and really didn't fancy being unwell whilst away. Especially because I had been feeling so well and the thought of being in hospital or at the doctors away is a bit scary! I am careful at home but not to the extremes I was on holiday. As it turns out it seems I picked up a Gastro bug on my way back home anyway and returned home with a fever, the shakes and sickness - just when I hoped I would feel all recharged! The flight home was ummm... interesting, I think if I was Ben I would have disowned me and left me there! Thankfully I am back to health now and feeling quite refreshed!

I really would recommend anyone to go away when pregnant for that week of rest before it’s a little more difficult to be able to do it. It was a treat just to be able to read a book, have a walk with my husband and generally do as I pleased without the stresses and strains of work, getting ready for baby and general normal day to day things.

A few more little photos...

Lots of Love,
Hayley xxx

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