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Tropic Skincare... An Honest Review

When I set up the blog I did mention I would review products that I have been using, trying or that I just love! 

Here goes.... I don't like to moan too much but at the moment I come across a lot of companies selling things through reps like health care products, fitness products, skincare etc and even though I work in sales myself it drives me mad! I like to be shown something and then make up my own mind not be pushed and pushed and pushed to try something when I don't want to!

 However.. My aunt is an ambassador for Tropic Skincare and when I heard about the products I really wanted to try them out as I had heard lots about the brand from not only her but I had also seen the founder Susan Ma on The Apprentice! And importantly to me I wasn't forced into it and didn't have the products pretty much chucked at me to buy.

I went to a small party she held at her house where she offered facials and where we could look and feel the products, all really casual and informal- the way these other companies should be perhaps. The products are all made from pure plants extracts, no nasty chemicals which to me sounded perfect and made sense if you wanted your skin to naturally improve and be healthier. 

I didn't actually buy anything as I was still at the stage where pregnancy sickness was distracting me but my birthday and then Christmas were not far away and I got some goodies as presents!

 First I got the eyebrow defining set, in ochre. It comes with templates so you can use them if you want to have a more defined, structured shape, the eye pallet itself which has the ochre shade and a highlighter for under the brow and then a useful double ended brush to apply! I have used the templates but i do tend to just freehand at the moment and just draw over my natural brow shape. I love this product, I will always be honest about products and this really is so easy and effective and so much cheaper than a set of HD brows and you can use it time and time again! (excuse the dark circles under my eyes!!) I have gone quite light on here but you can make them as dark as you wish for different situations, in seconds!

Tropic Skincare honest review
Become a tropic ambassador, vegan skincare

Then for Christmas I had the skincare set as a present, something I was going to invest in after Christmas anyway as my sister had been using it for a few weeks and really liked it. In this set I had a cleanser, a toning spritz, a moisturiser (skin revive), a facial scrub and a really soft bamboo cloth to use with the products. Before this I was using Protocol skincare along with a few other bits from Simple and Estée Lauder, some of which I love and will continue to use as and when. 

I find the Tropic really kind to my skin, no irritation, no greasiness (which I do find with some high street products) and I haven't had any breakouts! Always good! The only thing I am not 100% on is the toner and I think that's just because I like a toner that makes my skin feel much tighter and this as much as it feels refreshing and makes your skin soft I don't get that same feeling with it. I am sure its because the high street brands can be too harsh at times though and I'm not used to something so gentle!The cleanser though- I love! And well... the scrub! I will never not have this product again!

While I've been on holiday I've not used many products because of baggage allowance and I also have a tendency to lose things! But my couldn't live with outs have included:

- Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula- obviously good for the stretching my poor body is going through and I love the smell! Chocoholics dream! I have tried Bio Oil for my bump but it's so greasy and stains everything, so that's not for me which is a shame because people do rave about it for stretch marks. I'm yet to crack my first stretch mark but there is plenty of time for them to appear yet! I am also using a pure coconut oil for my bump, thighs and bust, as much as it's a pain as it tends to go back to solid form easily and you have to warm it on the radiator or hair dry it!!! But for an oil it feels nice and it's dry so it's not sticky, if only it was easier to use though. 

- Vaseline - the Rose tinted one is perfect for holidays, to add a bit of moisture and shine to your lips but without being OTT as I don't like to wear much make up when I'm away. I don't go far without my mini tin! 

- Estée Lauder Spotlight- a light primer with a slight shimmer that really brightens up my complexion and smooths it out. I used it for my wedding day and I won't be without it now! I also use their foundations most of the time but I'll talk about them another day. 

Well that's it for now! 

Lots of love,
Hayley xxxx

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