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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

19 days left.. How did that happen?

19 days?!!!!!! So it could be longer if she stays comfy and I go over but the end is definitely in sight. 

I have had a few days this week where I thought my initial idea of her coming early was going to come to light, but the pains went as fast as they came. I'm now on to the idea she is teasing me and will be late anyway!! Not only have had I had the strong, sharp lightening pains but the tightenings around my back and tummy are strong and I can barely bend to get into a more comfortable position. Braxton Hicks I'm guessing. 

If you have read my post on the home birth you will know I have seen the midwives this week. All tests were good, haemaglobin levels were a little off but nothing to worry about. They had a good feel for baby and well would you know it all the pains have been for something as she is fully engaged now. It's just a waiting game now for when she could arrive. Could be days, could be weeks! Luckily I also had my hair done this week so hopefully won't scare her too much when she sees her mummy for the first time!! It's amazing how a little thing like having your hair lifted and trimmed can make you feel. I guess it's not as if I can go treat myself to something nice to wear at the moment which is what I would usually do! 

I'm hoping for a few days to a week before baby arrives, I'm ready now and feeling like I want to get the last push (no pun intended!!!) done and have a cuddle. My bump has shrunk and changed shape again so she must be lower and in a different position now. My belly button actually goes back in sometimes, and then often pings back out- gross! It's made me start thinking this week when my belly goes a bit softer at times what will it be like after???? A bowl of jelly I expect? A mummy tummy! 

Sleep is still proving tricky, waking at 5, 6 am and not getting back off is so frustrating. It doesn't help that I get up at about two as well for a wee break! Thank goodness I have no work now!! Finishing for maternity hasn't really sunk in yet, I think with Easter weekend starting it off has made it feel surreal because everyone else around me is off too. I'm sure it will hit me once everyone goes back to work tomorrow! Then what will I do?!? How am I going to fill my time?!

My fingers have started to puff up in an evening now, nothing like elephant balloon hands but big enough to make my rings uncomfortable, so the wedding ring has come off now, I don't fancy it being cut off! My engagement ring is slightly bigger and so that is comfy and staying put for now, I feel lost without them! 

I wonder how many more weekly posts I'll be uploading? Even though I say how ready I am I know she will only come when she is and when it's her time to say hello! No pressure baby, I've been waiting for and growing you for almost a year, what's a few more weeks! 

Off to have my hot cross bun and cuppa while I'm still in bed now :)

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx


  1. Ohhh sounds like your body is all geared up for labour! Fingers crossed you don't have to much longer to wait for a cuddle! Try enjoy this time off work before baby comes - nest, sleep & generally pamper yourself as these things may fall off your to do list very quickly when she arrives! Will await an update!
    Bee Happy and Healthy

    1. I hope it is!!! I'm ready for it now really, all these aches and pains are a bit wearing!

      Thank you xx

  2. Little did I know that night my waters would go!!!!!