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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

36 weeks down...

I have been up writing this since 5.30am, pregnancy insomnia is delightful! I was hoping to bank up some zzzz but this past week or so this hasn't really panned out that way. This could apparently (yes google told me!!) be down to (1) my body preparing me for broken sleep (2) anxiety caused by the upcoming labour and delivery. 

I've no idea... Either way it's pretty annoying. Not only am I not getting my usual heavy sleep but poor Ben is being disturbed by my new found habit of snoring. How embarrassing! How can I help it though when all of a sudden I am heavy, my boobs are heavier and my little old lungs have no space to fill with air!!! It makes you feel such a lady... 

It's not all moany this week you'll be happy to know! First I had the midwife who did her usual checks, all good and baby is engaged. We then had our last scan with the obstetrician which again went well. She was looking well, busy pouting, blowing bubbles and playing with her hands. Very lively as usual! It was strange thinking that it was the last time we should see her before she arrives. He estimated she was around 6 pounds, spot on her for gestation. It was strange to think we wouldn't be seeing the consultant again, he has been really good to us and really helped us during this pregnancy. I know it's his job but his bedside manner and personality isn't what you would normally associate with the NHS and I've really come to trust him. 

In other news... Our Icandy Apple travel system has arrived!!! I LOVE it! I just want to drive it but know that's a bit weird without a baby in it! 

My home birth is all booked in and the community midwife comes this week to our home to discuss the big day, what happens, eventualities etc. I've done lots of reading so I'm prepared for the things she will want to discuss, she has to prepare me for all outcomes so I'm fine with that. I have to make baby wait until next Saturday- the 37 week mark if I'm going for it at home. She will be seen as full term and have less risks associated with her health after delivery. So I need to cross my legs until then! Also Ben's parents are away in Rome until after Easter weekend so I'm not sure they'd be too impressed either if she came before then! 

My bump has dropped quite a lot this past week and is feeling heavy! Movement is still very regular and I can feel feet and hands poking out! I should think this is a part I'll miss when my bump has gone, I'm never lonely anyway at the moment! 

I am so hungry and thirsty all of the time.. Trouble is though there just isn't any room for the food to go! Probably a good thing or I'd be growing to the size of a house. I've noticed that I'm growing in other areas now- including my face!!!!! Quick baby come soon!!!! 

4 more days of work to go... How frightening and real! But it feels good, I can start to relax a little and get the house etc how I want it. I want it spotless!! The nursery is pretty much complete.. All I want is a chair with some pretty cushions... Blog post coming soon! 

So, we are pretty much all set for baby's arrival now except for tiny bits that really don't matter like another towel or so. All we need now is her! 

Lots of love. 
Hayley xxx


  1. Oh i feel for you, I had insomnia too, it lasted till my little one was about 9 months, I still get it every now and then but imagine being knackered with a nocturnal newborn and insomnia, zzzz! How exciting for you! x

  2. I'm really hoping it's short lived, I've always been a good sleeper! It's come as a bit of a shock! Nothing like I'm about to experience with a newborn I'm sure!!! X