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Diamonds are forever.. Paris

I have posted about traveling before and in particular our wedding in Lindos and babymoon in Fuertaventura. It's probably a good idea to talk about our romantic long weekend in Paris where the excitement of having my husband begun!

Ben and I had been together pretty much 10 years when we went to Paris together, we had been on many holidays before and being proposed to hadn't really crossed my mind, I always knew we would get married but wasn't sure when or how it would come about! Of course, Paris is the most romantic city in the world to some and to me this is true. 

I went to Paris with a boyfriend and best friend (pass me the sick bucket!) and came back with a fiancé. I never liked that word when I was engaged, its a bit slushy and awkward! However I did love being engaged and wearing my engagement ring! Oh, and choosing it was an experience never to forget. And what a place to choose one, with some of the best places to look in it was very tricky but it definitely felt special and to choose it together was a memory I love. 

As well as choosing a beautiful ring from some of the most exquisite jewellers in the world on the Rue de la Paix we visited some amazing places and really played the tourists. You could shop until you literally drop but there are just so many things to see there that it would be a waste, and I'm not sure my bank balance could have taken it either! 

Of course we went to see the Eiffel Tower and attempted to get to the top viewing point, didn't quite make it though! It was very cold and windy which made the tower sway and my tummy really didn't fancy it after going so far. The views from where we got to were incredible though, Paris truly is beautiful. We went in December so it was frosty, chilly and at times snowing which made it feel very Christmassy but I bet it's gorgeous in the summer when you can sit outside cafés enjoying watching the world go by for a while. 

Other favourite places included Notre Dame where it snowed and snowed, a bit fairy tale. All be it a  very cold one! Other places of interest included (we were very busy and wanted to see as much as possible!!) The Louvre, Pompidou centre, Champs Elysées, Montmartre, Sacre Couer and the Moulin Rouge! I would love to tell you all about my favourite but I really couldn't choose, they were all so different and places you should visit for different reasons. 

The Moulin Rouge was completely different to anything I'd ever been to before, of course I'd seen the film but had no idea what to expect! Sadly no Ewan Mcgregor but the show was brilliant; dancing, acrobatics, diving in huge tank's with massive snakes and magic. A really memorable evening.

One day we will go back to Paris, more than likely back to Disney with our daughter but I will make sure she sees the real Paris and all of the memories we have of before she came along. 

As much as I loved Disney and seeing Winnie the Pooh it was completely different than walking the cobbled streets of Paris, admiring all of the boutiques, eating pastries, eating in world recognised places and seeing treasures such as the Mona Lisa.

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx

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  1. Beautiful photos and lovely story. Paris is so beautiful in the winter.

    1. It's beautiful! I would next time like to go in the spring I think to see how it looks when things are coming back to life though in the parks though :) x

  2. What an amazing story! So sweet that you and Ben chose a ring together in Paris. I'm not mushy but think you may have just melted my icy exterior a little. Much love Clare xx

    1. He knew me too well! I would need to choose and with such tiny fingers it was the best bet! A lovely memory ;) xxx

  3. Paris is my all time favourite city :)) So happy to hear that you had such a lovely and romantic weekend in the city of love! AH! And congratulations! :)))

    1. Ah thank you! Feels like a long time ago now, having being married and being pregnant since but I loved it and I will be back. I loved your post on NYC and your view of the city. It's definitely a city on my wish list! X

  4. Aww how lovely! My hubby picked out my ring & I do love it but choosing together must have been a great experience. Paris is def on my list of places to visit & your pics make me want to go now!

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