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Muma essentials #1

With being a new mum I don't have much time to pamper myself at the moment, or not as much as I used to anyway. It's a trick of waiting for baby to nap and then sprinting as fast as I can without falling down the stairs to the shower for a quick whistle stop wash, if I'm lucky I even get to wash my hair! Fancy that! Okay so things aren't quite as awful as I'm making out but time really is a rarity now and I do need to be as efficient as I can when I do get some! 

So some of my essentials at the moment:

#1 Batiste Pixie Lott dry shampoo

I have always used Batiste dry shampoo and find it a life saver and I recently mentioned the lovely cherry edition I was using (see here) but I was then sent some of the new Pixie edition. I'm not sure why I hadn't picked it up from the shelf last week, probably because pixie doesn't do much for me in the way of endorsement- being a marketing graduate I don't tend to fall for celebrity endorsement! But I do feel it would probably jump out to a younger audience. Anyway I've gone off on one again- this edition smells florally beautiful! It's light and refreshing and is very summery. Does exactly the same as the other varieties- makes greasy lank hair brighter and smell clean on those days I don't have the privilege of washing my hair! I also find it gives my hair a volume boost- perfect! I will be buying this edition again for sure- available on a 3 for 2 in Boots at the moment! 

#2 Tropic HD brow kit

I don't have either the time or the money to go and get myself some HD brows or any kind of brow pampering at the moment, it's really not top of my priority list right now. With that in mind this product has jumped right back to the front of my make up bag! It's so so easy to use! See a link here to my last review of it and a bit of a how to! 

Okay so this is more of a luxury item for me and sadly it is running low, and I'm not sure if I can justify buying another on my poor maternity wage! Anyway, the reason it's an essential or has been is I apply it after I've moisturised and it brightens my skin and evens it out. It's great as a primer under make up but without it's great too! 

#4 Vaseline

My poor lips are so dry! I wake in the night to feed and they're so chapped and tight. Surely it's an essential to any woman!!! 

#5 Hand cream- Nivea 

With the amount of times I'm washing my hands my hands are more chapped than my lips! I could do with a new hand cream to try- any recommendations?? 

#6 St Tropez original

Now I usually would use the gradual St Tropez tan but sadly I have run out this last week. So trying to use what I have before buying it again I have been mixing this with cocoa butter body lotion (palmers) and using this as a gradual tan. It works as a treat! At least I can get up in the morning and know I at least won't look ghostly pale! A tan always makes you feel better doesn't it?

Lots of love, 
Hayley xxx

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