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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

*Nair shower cream with Argan oil

I am always honest about products and like to say what I really think, and when I first saw this product I thought no thanks!

The reason being I don't use hair removal creams and nor do I use wax! I've talked before how I have my legs sugared (okay so I haven't actually for a long time, not since I was fairly heavily pregnant and not since having Daisy- but I will be getting back into it soon), it's less of a faff, lasts a long time and importantly is less painful.

When I first started hair removal all those millions of years ago I started with hair removal creams, my hair would have been at it's finest and it was relatively successful. Albeit a faff, messy, smelly and a bit stingy! Then my hairs as I got older got more coarse and sadly after a few hacks with a razor making then toughen up further I was no longer on board with the creams. Why did they have that odd peculiar smell too? Gross! 

So back to this product from Nair anyway. A small part of me when I saw the packaging for this was intrigued, Argan oil is a favourite of mine and has been for some time, I use it a lot on my hair and so was intrigued to find out what difference it would make in hair removal creams! So... I gave it a go. 

It comes in a nice big squeezey tube, I'd say after using it there should be enough for two decent applications, possibly three. It comes with a spatula to apply it and then remove it also, I still found this a bit messy but I'm not the tidiest person around or the most cautious! 

It says to put on and leave for a few minutes and then jump in shower and avoid getting overly wet for around 3-5 minutes (I left it for 5 ish). How can you avoid getting it overly wet in the shower unless you dodge water?? And actually when I came to remove it, most of it had gone anyway :( 

So the end result... Better than I expected!! My right leg was beautifully smooth and importantly to me had it smelt lovely whilst applying. I did my right leg first so the cream was on that leg longest before getting whipped away by our shower (worth saying although I love our shower it's not a super powerful power shower and so if you had one of those I'd expect the results to be less effective) and obviously the left leg for less time. My left leg was 50/50 success rate. I had to really wash it down with a flannel to pick up any hairs and then finish off with a nasty razor- I wouldn't usually but I had a wedding to attend the next day!!

So overall not a bad product, I would suggest staying out of the shower longer with it on and less time in there with it  and then it should be more effective. It doesn't sting (or didn't irritate me anyway), didn't smell gross and did work. So all in all thumbs up for a quick fix!

Available from Boots for £6.99.

Have you tried it?? 

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx

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