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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Daisys first month- How? What? Why?

How, What and Why are questions I've asked a lot in Daisy's first month..

 How do I get in her creases? How often should I feed her? Do I really have to wake her to feed her every three hours? What do I do with this? Why is she crying? Why is her poo yellow and look like it has seeds in it? How do I hold her in the bath to stop her feeling like a slippery fish? How do I make feeding her less painful and more glamorous? When will my jeans do up? When will she really smile? How far can she see? And so on... You get the picture! No one told me babies didn't come with instructions!! 

I've asked a lot of questions and there's plenty more to come I'm sure. Being a mum is taking some adjusting to and I'm learning lots along the way! Thank god for good parents (on both sides) and my sister the guru of parenting (who I bother most days) along with friends etc! 

Anyone back to Daisy and not myself.. 

She is now over a month old- how did that happen? (Told you there would be more questions!) It really has gone so fast . She is now chunking up a little and on last weigh in this week at 5 weeks old she was 6 lb 13! Go Daisy! Some of her wrinkles have smoothed out, few more to go and I'm sure at the rate she is filling out they will soon be a cute, little memory. She is still in her tiny baby clothes but I doubt they'll fit her long, sparrow legs for much longer. 

She certainly likes to feed and is still being a piglet after long stints of sleep, you would think she had never been fed! I still enjoy feeding her (myself not bottle!) but it hasn't been easy. I've not found it all that pain free and hassle free, but I've hardened to it and try to look at the good points such as all of the cuddles I have with her, even the night feed isn't so bad when you get a cuddle out of it! I'll do a post on feeding probably, I wish I had read up more on it before I had my baby! 

Sleep is pretty good, at night we often have just the one wake up call which allows us to have some solid sleep, I feel human - almost! The only time I feel myself losing patience and feeling like a zombie is when she has been fed in the night and instead of dozing back off she decides she would rather chat for an hour or so.

I have noticed lots of changes this week in Daisy:
- she can now focus on my face or her hands when she has them in front of her without going cross eyed! 
- she is very strong, pushing off our shoulders with both arms to have a nosey around
- she now has chubby little cheeks and is filling out nicely
- her hair is growing and thickening out, still can't decide though if it's fair or dark or curly or not!
- she is an expert trumpet bum! 
- she likes to growl at me
- she pouts a lot! 
-she dreams a lot, crying in her sleep and what appears to be chuckling!! 
- she can itch her cheeks with her toes (Ben discovered this little talent!) 

And the most exciting one of all...

SHE CAN SMILE!!!!!!! :) 

Lots of love, 
Hayley xxx


  1. I think my favourite part of this is that she can itch her cheek with her toes! What a talent!

    She's a beautiful little poppet I can't believe how quickly time has flown by! Can't wait to see her next updates :)