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Icandy apple 2 pear- does it live up to the hype?

Your pram is probably the most expensive purchase you'll make when getting ready for baby's arrival. And the most difficult decision to make. There are so many options available it's crazy, and then when you choose a brand you have more decisions to make, the decisions and choices are endless.

I looked into prams in quite a bit of detail before going to look at them, online, in various catalogues and review sites as well as the usual word of mouth recommendations by friends who have babies. 

I really knew I wanted a model that allowed me to have an old style pram top as well as the ability to transform into a pushchair style as the baby got older. I didn't like the super modern models, three wheels, super shiny frames etc... I think I must be more of a classic girl! 

Although one of the only other prams I liked compared to the icandy was a mamas and papas fox print Urbo 2 which is very much on trend. I love prints like this! But then it would date and I hated how everything was an "optional" extra, I felt the price you saw on the ticket was a little deceiving.

So I decided the icandy apple was the one for me! Then the decision was to get second hand or buy new. I looked and looked for second hand and I can tell you they really hold their price for a decent condition model!! Which can only be a plus to buy a new one if you ask me?

The trouble with icandy is that they won't sell online and they don't allow stores to display the pricing either. Their thought being once you see it and try it you won't look elsewhere. I went to a local store to try some out and ended up comparing the oyster and the icandy against one another. I found the Oyster to be a bit of a cheaper replica of the icandy style, sadly though you could really feel the difference in the frames in terms of sturdiness but then you pay for that too! 

In the end I ordered the icandy apple 2 pear. I loved how it was adaptable to be made into a double pram if needed one day, never say never!!! The frame was super strong and it looked classic whilst still being modern and sleek. 

One of the big selling points for me was the way in which it goes down and pulls back up, so easy compared to some! This is what really separated it to others. 

The lifetime guarantee also is a major selling point! 

So now I've had baby for over two months I feel I can give my honest opinion on it and I can honestly say I still love it! Anyone else that tries it (people can't help but give it a push!) also seem to love how light and reactive it is as well as the majorly useful extendable height handlebar thingy! 

The only thing I would say is that it's quite large, and you do need a decent boot to fit it in, especially if you have the carrycot, I've had to take my parcel shelf out for the time being and my boot is a decent size! But hey I'll live with that!

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx

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