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Thrifty Lollies #2 Lazy Rhuby Rubys

My last lolly post was a success with lots of you saying you were going to give it a shot, you won't have gone wrong it was easy peasy!!

At the moment I'm all about using everything that we buy and being careful not to throw food away, we can't afford to and it's such a waste. But something we often do, for example bananas go over ripe and I wont eat them and can't stand the smell!! Yuk! So in the bin they would go.. Not anymore. 

We had Jamie Oliver's "Save with Jamie" book and it's great!! If nothing else it teaches you how to use everything up. So we now freeze ripe bananas in freezer bags ready for a milkshake or smoothie!! Anyway back to lollies....

So these are lazy, really lazy. But just show what you can do for hardly any money at all and no time! 

This week I fancied something refreshing rather than creamy and after a scavenge of the fridge saw that we had raspberries that needed using so firstly I threw 5/6 into each holder. I then popped in a mint leave, more for appearance really but it adds a tiny tang of freshness too. 

This is where it gets bone idle.. Using a pre mixed soft drink fill up the cups. In this case it was Aldi's Rhubarb and apple sparkling fruit crush drink - super cheap and you won't need much. As long as the drink is red and goes with raspberry you will be fine, cranberry juice may go well. Then you are done, in the freezer they go!!


I mentioned something more exotic like Pimms last week- I promise next up will be!! 

Lots of love, 
Hayley xxx


  1. These look lush I need to give them a go! I just got Jamie's 15 minute meals so I should definitely get the Save With Jamie one too!

    1. The save with book is brilliant!! You should deffo get it xxx