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No this isn't an over indulgent post about me! Its about a boutique brand called MeMeMe cosmetics that I've been lucky enough to try and share with you all. 

I was so excited to receive these not only did they come packaged beautifully but they also still looked pretty when out of their case. 

And who doesn't love receiving make up goodies in the post? I certainly won't be complaining, and certainly not on this occasion because I love these goodies. 

First up is a tinted moisturiser in Golden glow £7.49, I'm currently using the No7 Essentially natural foundation. Ok so this isn't a foundation but I did find it of the same consistency and actually it gave coverage and good coverage at that. 

It's a little warm for my complexion so I would need to review the shades and choose a cooler tone but the consistency and feel of it was perfect, I really like this product. I'll be popping it into my summer bag for when I have a tan! But if you are after something really light and more of a moisturiser than a foundation then perhaps this may be a little too heavy.

Another plus is that it has an SPF of 15 which can only be good for your summer collection. 

This is me just after applying! (Excuse the mop on my head I was making the most of nan napping and popped a hair mask on!!)

Next up is the Cupids Kiss cheek and lip tint £5.50. This is the only product that I was a little disappointed with, and only for the reason that it wasn't strong enough to be seen over my make up and on my lips. Maybe it would work better on au natural skin, I'll have to give it a try. 

I was sent the eyeshadow quad in Ocean eyes £6.50, a dramatic array of blues and greens. I do like this kind of shade and so was pleased to give it a whirl! These are highly pigmented and I found I didn't need much on my brush to complete the look I was after. On the photos below I've opted for a day time lighter look where I have blended a lot to not look too dramatic for tottering around the house all day! 

On these photos I've also tested out their  Lash Attach black mascara £7.50 which is lengthening. Usually I would go for volume over length but this was pleasing, I'll be keeping it in my make up bag for casual days when I don't need plumped up lashes!

So overall a thumbs up from me! A nice set of products from a new brand that I expect will do very well on the high street. 

Again please excuse the under eye bags and hair do! I'm a new mum with limited pamper time :)

You can buy these products online on their website and also House of Fraser.

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx


  1. I will have to check this brand out! :) The coverage of the tinted moisturiser looks great, definitely the perfect summer product!
    emmerliejay x

    1. It's great definitely my favourite product out of those I tried!! X