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Avon Haul #2

My latest mini Avon haul included:

Colour Correction Palette
Concealer brush
Glimmerstick in smoky grey
Fixing spray 

I buy most months from Avon as a friend of mine is a representative and often drops the book around. You get a real mix if products in the catalogue varying from super cheap like the Color trend range aimed more at the teenage market (although I have been known to order bits from it like nail polishes!) and then the higher end of the brand like Anew (aimed at the lets say more nature audience). 

I've used bits and pieces of their make up and bath bits and bobs etc for years now, I'm not loyal to anything really from it but I do like to try things from there and there bubble baths etc can be really good value for money for every day bath times as well as their sun lotions. 

First up the colour correction palette. 

This was on offer for £7.50 (usually £10.50) and so I thought I'd give it a whirl. It comes with a funny little brush that again I won't be using. My other fault with this is that it would be useful if it came with a reminder of which segment was for, I'm no expert and had to look back in the book to remind myself. Although I did experiment anyway!  But just so you know, pink is for a glow, beige hiding blemishes, yellow conceal redness and orangey to brighten skin! 

This is after using the product- no other make up. 

All in all a thumbs up! 

Next up is a concealer brush, a bargain at £2.50. I was a little sad how small it was, my last brush was slightly bigger and flatter but I guess I've just got used to and hooked to my last one! It worked just fine though and I'm sure it'll become my staple concealer brush no trouble. 

I've used the glimmersticks a few times and they're really good! No mess, no need for sharpening and go on smoothly! Really recommend. 

A few weeks ago I tweeted about the make up fixing spray and how I didn't really like it, it's very wet feeling! Which is odd when you've just put your make up on. However I've stuck with it and actually it's very good at keeping base make up in place! 

This is the finished make up job using Makeup Revolution iconic 2 eye pallete and hot and spice blush palette too, along with Tropic eye brow define set. 

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx

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