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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

The little things.. I love 💗

There are a lot of things I love and enjoy about life, and these are just a few of them... 

My little Daisy - obviously top of the list along with all my other family and friends but this is more for those unusual, non obvious or material things in life... Sometimes we need to remember the nice things in life, that are usually free :) that's not to say I don't love material things and I could live without them!! 

Watching the sunrise and sunset will always be top of my list. 

Listening to the rain in a caravan

Walks on the beach

Feeling the sunshine on your skin (obviously doesn't happen often enough!)

Hugs and the way children squeeze the life out of you! My nephew is the best at this and the way his little face lights up when you haven't seen him in a while

The sea and the sound of the waves 

A crisp, sunny winters day with the dog

Photos- I take hundreds and hundreds! 

Baking, I have done so much lately which makes me sad but as part of Polly's bake off link up hopefully I'll do a little more! 

Making my home pretty and planning what to do next, again not so much time anymore but my Pinterest is full of ideas to get on with when I do! 

Listening to the owl during the night feed or the bats squeeling

The way Bob gets embarrassed- yes a dog gets shy when he trumps! 

The way I imagine him to talk (I'm sad I know)

Receiving flowers but also giving them to people

Growing something myself- like our hugggggge courgettes

The way yawns are contagious - why is that?

Driving on a sunny day with the windows open

Days when I don't get dressed!!! 

Looking back through old photographs 

When the sheets in bed are nice and cool on a hot day or when the house is all toasty

Talking of bed, I love my bed! But more than that I love clean sheets!! 

Going home.. This is a feeling I had when working away and something I look forward to on the last day of a holiday

Going home to Bob the dog, always so pleased to see you! 

Letters, I love a proper hand written letter.

The smell of a smelly candle filling the house with a homely feel

The smell of babies, my baby girl especially.  

Finishing a book

Listening to music that brings back certain memories

There are lots and lots of things I love! And I could go on all day... 

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx

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