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A new identity

When pregnant I found myself questioning if my identity was changing or how it would when I had my baby. Priorities changed and the way in which I looked at things, and then when baby arrived it all changed again. 

I've always been aspirational in my career and wanted to drive myself further, and was proud of where I got to before I decided to start a family. I think I was very independent, did a lot of travelling on my own with work and really pushed myself. I wouldn't say this has changed dramatically but the way at which I look at it definitely has.  

I no longer have the desire to go back to work to step up a few more rungs of the ladder but as a necessity to give our family everything we want in life. That doesn't mean I won't want to progress but it's not the sole purpose of work anymore. It's sad I have to go back to work but if I want to give Daisy everything I want her to have in life then it's a necessity. I know some people won't agree but it is for her own good. 

I now find myself wanting to be with my family more and more, and tasks such as bath time and watching Daisy have her morning giggles with her daddy make the difficult days so worth it. 

I have little desire to do much for myself now (probably got used to having no time to!) and really struggle with the thought of being out without my baby for long. I'm sure it's just because it's early days and it'll get easier, but it does feel uncomfortable, I've never been the over protective possessive type! I've had a few trips out for example drinks with a friend and my hair done and it definitely doesn't hurt either of us :)

Has anyone else felt a change in themselves and their outlook since having a family? 

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx 


  1. I think parenting does change a person most definitely. Its a massive life change! Im about to have my 2nd any day now - its my due date tomoro! I think this will change me even more! :)
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

    1. It didn't let me finish! Hope all goes well :) glad I'm not the only one to feel "different"!! X

  2. Hiya!

    I think that even if you start out saying "I won't let having a baby change me" it's inevitable that it will!

    I do think though that there is an element of choice as to how much you let it happen. I've only been out with friends twice in the 16 months since Gwenn was born but I know people who have babies who go out every week. It's all about your own priorities and what keeps you sane!

    I really like having my eyebrows and lashes tinted because it's a bit of me time and I look better for it! For other people it might be going to the cinema or playing netball.

    I wrote about how I've been feeling since becoming a mum a few months ago. This is the link if you're interested?



    1. Oh I'll have a read with my cuppa in a while! I think you are right, it's in our control! Xx