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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Daisy's latest wish list

Daisy is a girl who has everything pretty much, she's very lucky to have cousins who hand her down lots of clothes etc and family who spoil her silly, but she deserves it :)

That doesn't mean there aren't things she would like in the near future, we thought we would share a few things she has on her wish list at the moment.

A lovely owl wall sticker for her bedroom wall to finish her room off £5 Amazon

From Next we love this seasons collection (as usual) and the sleepsuits are always our favourite. Must resist! 

These gorgeous suits are £15

And these are perfect for a Daisy! £16

Bird print dress and tights £14 how gorgeous! 

I told you we are loving this season!! 

Daisy is now playing more and more and toys are something we don't have many of actually. She loves her play mat and her happy hear but she could probably do with a few more bits and pieces for stimulation. 

This Lamaze dragon is cute and is £7.95 on Amazon at the moment 

Sensory balls £14.78 from Amazon sold by MMP Living, however I do wonder if I could pick up some tumble drier balls from somewhere for cheap that may be simillar as a sensory toy?

Mamas and Papas snug seat, now £36.49 on Amazon

Just a few lovely bits we thought we would share!

Lots of love, 
Hayley xxx

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