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4 month sleep regression - truth or myth?

During this recent leap (if you haven't read my recent post find it here) Daisy's sleeping has been all over the place.

I mentioned previously she was a great sleeper, more often than not sleeping all through the night with no wake up. Then we had a few days of taking over an hour to get her to sleep, and now she's going down lovely again but waking every 3 hours, which she didn't even do as a newborn!! 

She's hungry when she wakes so part of me just thinks it's part of her growth spurt. But then I read about the four month sleep regression, read here. 

Basically a way in which a baby sleeps changes, they no longer just have a deep slumber sleep but it starts to get more of a pattern like us, a deep sleep and active sleep. When you enter active sleep there is a startle reflex which wakes baby up, they need to learn to be able to get back off to sleep. The trouble being baby doesn't know how to cope with this and the new cycle and so will keep waking! 

Everything I've read just recommends lots of cuddles and snuggles to help them through it, and that's it's temporary. It should only last around six weeks!!

What are your experiences of it?

True or myth??

Lots of love,
Hayley xxxx


  1. If I remember correctly (I probably don't haha!) 4 months was around the time Osian started sleeping a little longer. I think at 5 months he started waking up again.It feels like a long time while it's happening but once your through it, it will feel like it went by quickly xxx

  2. I can only go by my own experience but despite the troubles we were having during the fourth leap during the day, Jasmine still slept amazingly throughout the month. She's now approaching 23 weeks (eek!) and she's just started waking up at night again, she's not hungry and does eventually fall back to sleep. I do feel knackered the next day though as I often find it harder to get back to sleep after.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx