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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

A trying week

We all have trying weeks. Weeks where everything feels much more difficult than usual. Weeks where you annoy yourself never mind what everyone else does to you. Weeks where nothing seems to go right at all. Weeks where all it does is rain.

That was my week! It started off being the most miserable week weather wise and so being car less for half of it meant we were a little stuck at home, although it does do us some good at times. 

Then I end up with sickness, I thought it may have been a dodgy yogurt that sat on Bens desk for a weekend but I think actually it may have been a bit of a bug. Now, I've found a huge downfall to breast feeding! Who wants to have to feed a baby when you need your head down the loo every five minutes? Horrendous! I sat there praying she would decide to have a miraculous 20 hour sleep rather than the usual 12!! 

I just had to shut my eyes and let her crack on, putting her down a few times to do a runner! Poor little monkey had no idea. However she then did sleep most of the day next to me, maybe she knew? 

It took a few days to get over it, yuk. If there's one thing I hate it's being sick. All the memories of my pregnancy sickness came flooding back, how did I cope with this for so long?

Then I am almost over it, just very tired and drained and Daisy gets unwell, of course. She came out in what the doctor said was a viral rash and some symptoms assosicated with her teething such as bigger spots on her face and a funny tummy. Now this was a trying time. 

I've been so lucky with Daisy and her sleeping routine, she only ever wakes once for a feed, if at all. She's always been like this, I'm not bragging! However this turned on it's head and she just wouldn't sleep. She wanted to be attactced to me (literally) and in a specific position, if I dared move she screamed the house down. I had zero sleep. I don't function well without sleep at all, but if she felt anything like I had done the day it so before I'm not surprised she was hard work. 

Luckily they soon bounce back and now all I have is a baby who won't go to bed, once she's asleep she is well away but it's a bit of a wrestle to get her there. I do think part of it is her teeth and the other part her testing me! Bossy like her mother already. Last night I did try letting her have a sit in her chair after her bath for half an hour before feeding and bed and it wasn't so bad. But she gets so wound up at night time because she is so so tired. Anyone have tips??

A moaning post but a post to show that even when you think you've cracked something that things can change at the drop of a hat sometimes. Here's hoping to getting back to "normality" soon! 

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx

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