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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

A little travel wishlist

This is something I have never done before but always planned to do one day.

I am lucky in that I have been to lots of places home and abroad, mainly because our holidays are something we save for and look forward to. Obviously this was much easier before little Daisy popped along but still there are still places I would like to take her and some I can see myself & Ben going to etc, this is a long term wish list not just a 2015 one! (because that would be daft, unrealistic and flipping greedy!)

Numero Uno

New York, New York!

Who doesn't want to go there at least once in their lifetime? Everything about it just appeals to me and it is somewhere I have fancied for a while. I always thought I would like to go for my 30th but lets be honest, its expensive and not exactly a family holiday which is top of my priorities this year.

I would LOVE to go in the winter, when its cold and you can wrap up warm to wander around. I am not sure I would like to go for a whole week (just a day or so in London wears me out!!), perhaps a few days. Although the flight is pretty long - 7 hours at a guess so it would need to be 4 days to justify that traveling time

There are a few things I would definitely want to do there:

  1. Central Park - just because. Its iconic for New York isn't it!
  2. Top of the Rock observation deck - You can get a fantastic view from the Empire State building, but how about a view with it in? Even better.
  3. Shopping - of course. Loads of places I would love to go to!
  4. Broadway - just for a wander to see the bright lights!
  5. Grand central terminal - Ben would love at this one! When ever I see it on a film I always say I want to go there, but I never know why. Its just somewhere I see a lot on the tele and just need to go to in "real life"!

Numero Dos

The Maldives

Again who actually wouldn't want to go there? I am not going to say anything else because I think these speak a millions words...


Numero Tres


I thought I would put some places in from the UK, it isn't all about going as far away as possible!

I love a trip to a spa and Bath is renowned for just this, but a little more special than usual because most are natural roman style baths. I know of a few people that have been for hen parties and things, maybe this is an option in the future (not my own - I'm already married of course!). It isn't just the spas that are luring me in but also the famous, iconic architecture.

Numero Cuatro


I have only ever been to Ireland once and that was to Limerick (I think). It was with some friends and more for a weekend just drinking and that's about it, it was great fun but quite a long time ago and to be honest we could have been anywhere really, except for the odd Irish accent giving it away.

Dublin is the largest city in Ireland and is its capital. It is probably pretty touristy with masses of stags walking the street but everyone I know who has visited have loved the city and have had a great time! Dublin has a vibrant nightlife and is reputedly one of Europe's most youthful cities - maybe I should go with some friends! Temple bar is an area that pops to  mind when I think of this trip.


Numero Cinco


A safari is a must do in life, for me anyway. And surely somewhere like Kenya is the place to go! Just to see those huge, magnificent animals in their own surroundings, wild would be incredible. I bet it is quite breath taking. Although I do worry about the protection of them and actually how staged the safaris are. I would hate to be part of a mass of jeeps tearing over their home land just to chase an elephant, I would rather watch from a distance and not disturb them!

Where are your top destinations to visit?

Lots of love,
Hayley xxx

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