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Dear Daisy, It is your first day at school...

Weaning wearing thin!

Weaning is a nightmare.

I thought it was going well until this past week or so. Daisy has always shown an interest in food and always drank her milk well. We started weaning and I introduced purées (see our weaning journals for more details on our experiences!), okay so she preferred the fruit to the vegetables but she would eat both no trouble. She still will.

I started to introduce meat and fish but I can only do it if I disguise it in her purées!!! And well, i mean fish there really, meat doesn't seem to interest her in the slightest. And why? Because of the texture and LUMPS I suspect. She hates lumps.

One day we can get on with a lumpy purée no problem, other days the minute it passes her lips she is sick everywhere. I'm not overly worried because she has her milk and gets everything she needs from that at the moment, and of course she will usually eat the fail proof purée if I blitz it up. But she cant go on like this forever surely!

I do find this a little odd because she will quite happily eat a piece of toast and chew it merrily away, a biscuit, pieces of fruit, peppers etc, but comes to eat anything substantial dinner wise, its a no!

So... I need help?!!! Tips and advice pleaseeeeeeeeee! :)

Hayley xxx


  1. How long has she been like this? Could it be that her teeth are bothering her? Do you let her self-feed lumpy things or spoon feed?

    It must be frustrating but like you say, she's getting what she needs. She looks perfectly healthy. :)

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    1. Yeah she's a little chubs!

      Part of me does wonder if it's teeth, for her to be doing so well and then fell back of a sudden!

      She feeds herself bits and I spoon feed xxx

  2. When Archie turned around 7 months old he stopped letting me feed him anything- I went with the same purée-then lumps approach. So one day I just stopped pureeing anything and went more BLW. All his food chopped into fingers and I slow cooked the meat so it would fall apart in his mouth easily. He took around two weeks of being frustrated and getting agitated but then it was like something clicked, he learnt to chew and self feed- I've literally never looked back! Even now he won't let me feed him anything but he eats amazinly xxx

  3. We struggled with weaning to beginn with, M was just not interested, despite being interested in our food. She then tolerated some food (loved baby porridge) but not much else. I then started giving her some fingerfoods and it was then that we turned a corner. She suddenly loved food, whether that was spoon feeding or feeding herself. She has times she goes off her food still but generally a very good eater. I don;t think she really ate properly until 7-7.5 months and it was an overnight thing, like something just clicked.

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