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Review: A few recent baby purchases and trials

We've tried quite a few new bits and bobs lately, what with having a little shop in Boots and Tesco but also with some new finds that we've been introduced to via nonabox. I thought I'd do a little round up for you on a few of the items. 

This was a little bottle found in the January nonabox, I said in the review how I found the packaging to be unattractive and how I wouldn't pick it up off the shelf. However when you read the details, in the teeny font it states how it's got no nasties and is wonderful for eczema prone skin and implies how gentle it is to baby's skin. The first thing about this that hit me (other than the slightly odd branding- it's not bad, it just seems more relevant perhaps for toy packaging or the front of a book) was the sweet orange oil fragrance, it smelt a little un-baby like to me. Sadly that put me off it a little, its something I would perhaps associate with a room freshener. We have used it until it's ran out though to give it a good try and although Daisy's skin has had no complaints I'm still not sold on it. Anyone else tried it? 

Now this product is a keeper for me, we will never be without it now. We were recommended it when I tweeted about Daisy's cold a few weeks ago. Since then she has had another little cold and so I've got to give it a good go. And I love it! The smell is beautiful, it's like a much more gentle Vicks scent. And it really does seen to help her breathe when I rub it on her chest and in between shoulder blades, especially before bed. Thumbs up!

I notice they do a few other useful looking items such as a vapour oil, nasal drops and an inhaler dummy. Maybe I will look into those one day if I ever see them pop up anywhere.

So a goodie and a neither here nor there review for you today...

Lots of love,
Hayley & Daisy xxx



  1. Agree on the snuffle babe. It's fantastic! I so recconmend to rub on her feet and put socks on! This helps clear them too! (Also works with adults and Vicks) xx